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31/8/2012 Dead Identities, Teenage Casket Co, & Richie Hudson @ The Black Heart

SubjectDead Identities, Teenage Casket Co, & Richie Hudson @ The Black Heart
DateCreated9/1/2012 5:53:00 PM

Friday night. Camden. I'm going to a gig at The Black Heart. I've only discovered this place fairly recently, after walking past it a few times on my way to the BrewDog pub and not taking much notice of it - the fact that it has security on the door making me think it was some trendy dive and not worthy of my attention.
It's nice to be proved wrong sometimes. 
However, I arrive in Camden with twenty minutes or so to spare before the opening act and the BrewDog place is only yards away so... I am delighted to discover they finally have my favourite Paradox Jura on tap. I'm in heaven (almost) and I can't tell you how much I love this stuff - it's one of my favourites things ever!

A couple of those sets me up very nicely and then it's back up the street to The Black Heart to catch the opening act. This is Richie Hudson of South London rockers Kitty Hudson playing a solo acoustic set.

What this set underlines is what an underrated songwriter Richie really is - one thing you always notice at Kitty Hudson show is what a cracking set of songs the band have!

Kitty Hudson songs are catchier than a velcro bag full of fishing hooks in a leper colony. Highlight of tonigh't set is the brilliant 'Everybody Loves You When You're Dead'. The good news is, there is another album on the way from the band - featuring a very well known drummer.

Then it's back downstairs to sample this pub's ale. After drinking in the BrewDog pub earlier I was expecting the beer in the Black Heart to taste pretty feeble, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how good it is - and well under £4 a pint too - putting most of London's music venues to shame. I could get to like this place, although I have to admit I did consider going back to BrewDog for a sneaky one or two between bands.

Soon The Griswalds are on upstairs so I wander up to check them out.

I find them to be very generic punk fodder and I've lost interest after one song so I head back downstairs to socialise...

Next band are midlands Glam punkers Teenage Casket Company.

It's over a year since they last played in London - in fact I think it's only the second time the band have played the capital in their newer slimmed down 3 piece version.

I have to say I think the band had a bit more impact with the original four members, but they still have a load of great songs and this is a tight band.

T.C.C. haven't been that busy over the last couple of years as the members have been off playing in other bands, but they have two albums under their belt and have toured extensively in the past - including in the U.S.A.
I managed to catch that elusive 'airborne pick' picture - something that always happens when Laney 74 is playing in a band.

Tonight Teenage Casket Company prove they still have a following for their 'punk rock Bon Jovi' (their description) style of music, and they turn in a highly enjoyable set of catchy songs.

Lets hope Teenage Casket Company don't leave it another year before coming back to London.

Then it's back downstairs for another ale or two before the headliners. I return upstairs later to find the room is full! There was a reasonable crowd to see all the earlier acts, but Dead Identities prove tonight that getting out and playing on a more regular basis and keeping your profile up pays dividends.

This South London bunch of pop/punks are here tonight to promote their appropriately named new single 'God Bless Your Black Heart' (good video lads!)

The tunes are catchy, but played at breakneck speed - think pop songs played at Ramones speed, but without sounding anything like The Ramones. This band are fun - and they look like they are having a great time on stage themselves too. Dead Indentities have already put out one album, and there is another in the pipeline.

This is high adrenaline stuff played with passion and conviction, and unlike the previous band this lot have a strong identity (no pun intended) of their own - I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop with the next album.

All these bands for only a fiver on the door, and decent beer at reasonable prices too - I'm looking forward to seeing more shows at The Black Heart. It's more of a pub/rock bar than a dedicated music venue, but it's a much more pleasant place to visit (and drink) than some other local clubs/venues like the truely horrible Camden Rock or the rip-off Proud Galleries.

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