Monday, 15 September 2014

13/12/2013 The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing @ Nambucca

Friday the 13th? Unlucky for some maybe, but not for me tonight. I'm off down Holloway Road for some steampunk courtesy of The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. They are playing at Nambucca, a venue I like, but have mostly stopped drinking in since the ale prices sharply increased a while back - my wages hadn't increased in about 5 years so something had to give... Which is why I found myself in the Wetherspoons down the road beforehand. I've probably walked past The Coronet hundreds of times, but have never set foot inside. As is obvious from the outside, this building was originally a cinema. It's a very large building for a pub and there is a huge amount of wasted space inside - and that's just the parts you can actually see. However, Wetherspoons have done a very good job of restoring the place to some of it's former 1940's glory and it's well worth a look round inside if you are in the area. Loads of space and the usual 'spoons' value for money beverages and food.

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a review of a pub - it's now past ten o'clock and I've got several pints down me so it's about time I headed off up the road to the actual gig. I arrive at Nambucca with a few minutes to spare. There is a good crowd in to see that ever-so English band The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing - not surprising as their last show was at a much larger but less friendly venue at the other end of Holloway Road.

This band really do provide an evening of top quality entertainment! The standard of musicianship is high - that's all very well, but you need good songs as well. TMWWNBBFN tick both these boxes. Not only that, but the band have a great image and plenty of charisma. They definitely have a style all of their own, and they draw you into their dark world with black humour and catchy songs - imagine Metallica mixed up with Chas & Dave? Yes really! But it works - songs like 'Margate Fhtagn' combine some seriously evil and heavy riffing with a story involving a daytrip to the seaside and the unfortunate fate of granny. Coffins, Gin, Etiquette, and beer goggles, are just some of the subjects covered by this band's songs - Victorian engineers are another popular subject, with more than one song being devoted to their admirable qualities.

This London band have built a loyal and devoted following who ensure a great atmosphere at this gig. This is the third time I have seen this band now and their shows are great fun. I mentioned the band having a strong image - so where are my photos to illustrate this? Good question. I did take my camera to the gig, and I did take some pictures - I think some of them might have been quite good, but unfortunately we will never know. Did I break another camera? Or lose my camera? Nope. After downloading the pictures onto my PC the next day I deleted them from my camera - not realising that I hadn't actually saved them onto my computer at all. I thought I'd got the hang of the software that came with my new camera, but I clicked the wrong menu box and that was the end of my pictures - I looked in the Recycle Bin but they weren't in there, or anywhere else. Bummer.

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