Saturday, 27 September 2014

12/4/2014 Vamps 'N' Gypsies & White Coast Rebels @ Boston Arms Music Room

Just when we all thought we'd seen the last of  Vamps 'N' Gypsies, they reappear from nowhere (or Guildford - whichever is more desolate) with a new lineup.

The band seemed to have gone their separate ways - both personally and geographically several years ago. Lead guitarist Stu remains from the previous version - the only member who appears to have been active musically since the band fell apart with other bands and solo acoustic performances keeping him busy.
However, the band have unexpectedly bounced back for this (one off?) gig in London - apparently reforming due to a request from a promoter.

For a variety of reasons only three members of the classic lineup are featured in this possibly 'for one night only' version of the band - drummer Jamie still keeping the beat at the back

Without original bassist Rich Elson rhythm guitarist 'Flash' Danny has moved over to take his place - also assuming some vocal duties. Danny also shared lead vocals originally on one of the band's best songs 'Running After You' - sadly missing from tonight's set.
Also conspicuous by her absence is original singer Nikki Jones - her place tonight taken by Suvi Rinne who has come all the way from Finland! She can certainly sing alright, and at times seems to share some of the mannerisms of Nikki - whether by accident or design it's hard to tell.

Not surprisingly there are no new songs tonight, but the band have plenty of good stuff to pick from already from their three EPs - they had enough for a full album if only they had stayed together. You can still find some of them scattered online in various places.

Flash Danny is still 'flash' - he always used to throw himself (often literally) wholeheartedly into the band's performance and he continues to do so tonight.

So is this the last we will see of this once promising young band? It's currently looking highly unlikely the classic lineup from back in the day will ever get back together - which is a shame as they had some cracking songs and were always great fun live. Although tonight's show is OK and we get to hear most of the bands best material, it doesn't capture the excitement of the band at their best. Worth seeing for sure, and no doubt they would improve with more gigs if they were to play regularly again, but I think they need Danny back on rhythm guitar and a regular bass player. I think this gig was only ever meant as a one-off to 'test the water' and Suvi although capable was only ever going to do this one show as she doesn't live in the UK. So maybe this really is the last ever Vamps 'N' Gypsies gig....

PS: If you search my older blog posts you can find quite a few Vamps 'N' Gypsies gigs featuring the old lineup of the band....

Final band of the night are White Coast Rebels. If you like the heavier side of 80's rock then you will probably like this lot.

They is nothing very original about their look or sound, but they play well - and more importantly - they play like they mean it.
I didn't realize it the previous time I saw this band, but actually they are from Spain - which explains why they aren't seen in these parts very often. However, they are good at what they do, sound very professional, and also have some above average quality songs - worth catching if they are down your way.

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