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4/4/2013 The Pleasures & The Camden Cats - in Camden.

SubjectThe Pleasures & The Camden Cats - in Camden.
DateCreated4/8/2013 3:20:00 PM

More midweek gigs...

Thursday night finds me heading back down to Camden yet again - at least the Northern line is working this time. I stop off pre-gig for a few liveners in the BrewDog pub again as it's only a few yards from the venue, and after 3 beers I'm ready to head to the Black Heart - where I'm happy to find some decent real ale on tap in the form of Liquid Mistress.

I was in Camden only a few days ago to see some glam rock from Rachel Stamp, but The Pleasures make that British outfit seem pretty tame in comparison - although it has to be said that 'the Stamp' have catchier songs.

This lot are all the way from Hamburg - a decadent band from a decadent place.

It's party time!

Imagine Alice Cooper mixed with the Rocky Horror Show and Rammstein, then maybe you'll be getting the idea.

This band are so ridiculously gloriously OTT that you can't fail to be entertained!

The music is loud and heavy, but technically very well played indeed - some of these guys play in jazz bands back home in Germany, and you have to be a pretty good musician to do that.

Tongues are very firmly planted in cheeks, and anyone who thinks the Germans don't have a sense of humour would have to think again after seeing a show by The Pleasures.

In spite of the totally OTT glam trappings, there is a darker edge to this band  - not for nothing are they described as "The band right out of the Devil's jewel case"

This is one of three shows on the band's short Englsh tour, and as they have toured the UK several times before they are building a small but loyal following with their great value for money and highly entertaining shows.

If you like totally over the top glam rock with a strong sense of the ridiculous, or you just want to be really entertained at a rock show then you could do a lot worse than to check The Pleasures out next time they hit UK shores.

So it's 11.30 on a 'School night' - time to go home? No - I'm off to another gig.

The Blues Kitchen (once the O Bar) is only a couple of minutes walk down the High Street and is quite a popular hangout with the 'cool' hipster crowd who pretend to like rock 'n' roll'. However, tonight they are treated to some real 'old school' rock 'n' roll like it used to be.

This comes in the form of the Camden Cat AKA Daniel Jeanrenaud. This well known character can often be seen busking on the tube or playing at the 12 Bar Club as well as having a residency at this bar with his band 'The Camden Cats'.

This guy is the real deal and he serves up authentic rock 'n' roll with the look and attitude of the likes of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

Even on a Thursday night and with expensive bar prices the Blues Kitchen is busy - they must be doing something right here. Did I mention it's free to get in? It's certainly been a very varied night of music and beers - although I didn't bother drinking at the last venue as regardless of price they didn't served anything I wanted to drink. I was happy enough drinking at BrewDog and the Black Heart earlier so I wasn't too bothered - still time to get the tube home as well.

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