Monday, 22 September 2014

22/3/2014 Eureka Machines @ The Borderline

This was one of the most eagerly anticipated gigs of the year, and also one of the best - as most of us knew it would be. Personally I reckon the brilliant and multi-award winning Eureka Machines are the best live band in the UK. Of course as I haven't actually seen every single band in the UK this might not be the case. I really haven't seen anyone better though. This band have a habit of selling out their London shows - not bad for a band from Leeds who are totally ignored by the mainstream media and get no virtually no airplay anywhere. Now they have sold out another show at The Borderline.

This is a totally unique band. They all dress the same in smart suits and creepers, but they play songs with really loud and heavy riffs. And pop melodies. Some of the lyrics are rather dark, and some are rather silly. They play their music very tightly as a band, and deadly seriously and precisely - but there is a very strong undercurrent of humour! Eureka Machines play very well indeed - like machines in fact - but their shows are enormous fun!
The atmosphere at this band's gigs is always fantastic, and you can tell that although the band take their performance very seriously they are having a great time playing their catchy pop/rock songs for us - and we can't help having a great time too! Frontman Chris Catalyst is highly entertaining and has a great line in banter - right up there with Thunder's Danny Bowes as possibly the funniest man in rock! The songs themselves are interesting with their odd humour, clever twists and turns,  meaty riffs, and jolly fine tunes. Click here to check out the title track to the second album 'Champion The Underdog'  Almost like a poppier version of the The Wildhearts or Therapy? - but with some seriously heavy riffing - you might even hear the odd Slayer riff during the show! After releasing two excellent albums the band were on the verge of calling it a day after several years of hard graft for little return, but a highly successful PledgeMusic campaign last year enabled them to make a third album the aptly titled 'Remain In Hope'- and very good it is too. Check out the autobiographical video for 'Pop Star' to see what it's really like being in a struggling band from oop North. The songs on this album are well written - particularly the very poignant and autobiographical 'Eternal Machines' - a song which has a great deal of meaning if you have followed the band's career to date...

Now Eureka Machines know they have a strong and loyal fanbase to support them they are keeping going. They are starting to get noticed a bit and this year made a very well received appearance at the Sonisphere festival at Knebworth as well as getting a little airplay on Team Rock Radio.

PS: A fourth album (again on PledgeMusic) is now in the pipeline and a London show has been booked for November - I suggest you get a ticket before it sells out because it definitely will. You can't possibly not enjoy a Eureka Machines show.

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