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5/4/2013 Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth @ The Water Rats

SubjectSteve Conte & The Crazy Truth @ The Water Rats
DateCreated4/9/2013 3:15:00 PM
PostedDate4/12/2013 3:49:00 AM

Friday night finds me heading down to Kings Cross - Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth are playing at the Water Rats. 

Steve Conte isn't a houshold name - unless you are a fan of the post-reformation New York Dolls, or the band of ex-Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe, but this is a guy who very definitely has that special 'it' that makes a real rock star - a quality sadly lacking in many of today's so-called 'rock stars'.

Steve and his band kick out raw dirty New York style rock 'n' roll, and they do it very well. Several guests also appear tonight - the first being Paul-Ronney Angel of the Urban Voodoo Machine in a huge red suit.

It's not just Steve Conte's natural star quality that makes this show so good, he also has a bunch of excellent songs from the band's self-titled album - most of which is played tonight. Apart from the special guests tonight, another surprise is the inclusion in the set of a cover of Graham Coxon's 'Freaking Out'!

More surprise guests appear - including Steve Bolton on guitar.

The venue is pretty full and the atmosphere is great.

The Crazy Truth is normally a three piece band and work very well on their own as a power trio - I saw this at Nambucca last year and it was one of the best things I saw all year - Steve's charisma and the quality of musicianship in the band is terrific.

More quests appear towards the end of the set as Phoebe White (Mott The Hoople) and Tracie Hunter (Tracie Hunter Band and Ian Hunter's daughter) take on backing vocals.

Steve Conte is a great guitar player and has that rare 'natural' ability to make it appear effortless that only a few players like Darrell Bath possess. He has that 'loose' quality that Jimmy Page has that makes his playing 'on the edge' and exciting - like it's just about to go horribly wrong but it never quite does - which is why he filled the 'Johnny Thunders' role in the New York Dolls so well - without actually trying to copy or sound like Johnny Thunders.

A new Crazy Truth album is on the way - I hope it's as good as the debut which I thought was terrific and really dripping in sleaze and New York attitude. Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth are a great live act as well - it really is amazing to see something this good and oozing sheer talent and star quality in such a tiny venue. Good quality real ale at under £4 a pint too - why can't other London venues do this? In spite of the recent building work the downstairs toilets still stink though!
Nice quick and easy single train journey home from nearby Kings Cross as well - an excellent night!

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