Thursday, 25 September 2014

8/4/2014 Bermonsey Joyriders, Bubblegum Screw & Healthy Junkies @ The Black Heart

I'm at a different venue in Camden this time - not as cheap as The Unicorn but at an easier to get to location. The Black Heart is easy to miss if you don't know where it is, but it's worth seeking out. Sometime it's good for real ales, and other times there is only one on tap. It's got rather pricey in the past year or so though, compared to being pretty reasonable two or three years ago. It's only yards away from Brewdog - which is handy. Needless to say I spend some time in there as well...

Meanwhile, at the Black Heart...
 Healthy Junkies are on first - it's makes a change to see them somewhere else than at The Unicorn.
They turn in their usual polished set of Glam punk tinged grunge with some catchy songs and a lively performance.

Next things get rather sleazier...
Dirty New York style rock 'n' roll with a large measure of punk attitude is the oder of the day here.
Frontman Mark Thorn throws all his best Jagger/Johansen shapes and moves - his energy level is amazing!

Last but very definitely  not least are Bermondsey Joyriders. This is probably the best proper rock 'n' roll band in town, and also with the finest punk credentials.
This lot have some cracking songs from the two albums they have released to date - there is another already in the can. Some of the songs are so catchy you are singing along to them the first time you hear them. They are also the sharpest dressed band in town, with a unique look as well as their own sound.

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