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19/4/2013 Obsessive Compulsive @ The Black Heart

SubjectObsessive Compulsive @ The Black Heart
DateCreated4/28/2013 5:18:00 PM
PostedDate4/30/2013 7:09:00 AM

Friday night finds me heading down to Camden for a gig in one of the area's
nicest venues. This show is a bit different - Obsessive Compulsive have
taken the plunge and headed down the PledgeMusic path to finance their
new album and retain total artistic control. This has been very successful for
some established artists like Ginger from the Wildhearts who already have
a large following, but some lesser known bands have also taken a chance
and surprised both themselves and everybody else with how well things
have gone.
Eureka Machines and now Obsessive Compulsive have made it work for
them. After a well received EP and then an album this band have used
PledgeMusic to fan-fund their second album 'Seculo Seculorum'. Tonight
is a special album launch party show the band have organised themselves
for Pledgers only to say thank you for supporting them in making this
album - The Black Heart is pretty full tonight as a result and the show
kick's off with a bang!

Album opener 'Sick Sick Sick' is aggressive and in your face. There are no
other bands on the bill and probably due to the soundcheck being for
Obsessive Compulsive only and the settings having not been touched since
then the band sound fantastic! Heavy and intense as ever the band are
really going for it tonight. 

The air of anticipation for this gig by band and fans alike has been intense.
The new album is a step forward sonically and the band have never
sounded better on CD. The album production is tight and clear, and
although they had a bigger budget this time round they have resisted the
temptation to over-produce things. It's basic and raw, but not too raw
- here 'less is more'. Tonight Obsessive Compulsive manage to bring the
same sonic improvement to their live show. New song 'Soul Sucker' is
really heavy with an Alice In Chains feel to it - particularly in the vocals.
The set now includes one or two slower quieter songs that I wouldn't go as
far as to describe as ballads, but they really add light and shade to the set
making the rest of the songs sound even heavier.
There are around 3 points on the new album where the pace drops and
Kelli gets to show us another side of her voice - 'Swallow The Sound' being
a particularly impressive number. 'No Logo' is a furious anti-corporate rant
- don't expect to hear any of this band's songs appearing in adverts and
don't expect any sponsorship deals with the band either!

I've seen Obsessive Compulsive a few times now and they've always been
good live, but tonight they have really raised their game - they really are on
top form. I am not the only one who feels there is something special
happening in this room tonight - the band really are on fire! It's very rare to
see such a powerful and impassioned performance from any band
- Obsessive Compulsive mean it!

This band have always had an edge to them, but tonight they are noticeably
harder, sharper, and more intense - this is definitely the best performance
I've ever seen from them.

The band's previous album 'Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams' won
them the Pure Rawk 'Album of the Year' award in 2011, but the new album
is even better. Kelli in particular seems to have worked hard on her vocals
and is sounding great. As well as the previously mentioned Alice In Chains,
the album has parts that remind me of Killing Joke, and also the latest album
from The Cult. 'Float' is a bit of a departure for the band - the song starting
off quite gently with a riff reminiscent of the Dead Boys 'Sonic Reducer' but
building in hypnotic intensity to a crushing climax before fading quietly away...

As this is an album launch show we get the whole thing played in it's entirety,
and also a choice selection of the band's previous recordings, although I am
a little disappointed they don't play the riff-tastic 'In Memory Of...' from the
'Corpses Of Thought' mini-album. What we do get is nearly an hour and a
half of Obsessive Compulsive songs - a real treat compared to the half
hour or so sets we are used to hearing. And these songs have never
sounded better than they do tonight.

The whole idea of this gig was to give something 'special' to the band's
hardcore fans who had made the new album possible, and I think it
succeeded totally - this really was a special gig and I think everyone in the
room knew it. I know it's only April, but I think this will prove to be one of
the best gigs of the year.

Not content with playing this special show in London and another one in
their home town of Manchester, they are about to do a proper tour of
around 20 dates to promote the album. Obsessive Compulsive really are
on form at the moment and have never sounded better - I suggest you
catch them if they are playing near you.

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