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28/9/2013 Warrior Soul @ Nambucca

3rd gig in 3 nights for me, but at least none of them are expensive - as long as I avoid buying a drink in the actual venues! Last night I was at the bottom end of Holloway Road, and tonight I'm up near the top at Nambucca. I'm here to see US band Warrior Soul on the last date of their UK tour.

As usual at this venue things seem to be running late and it's about 11.40 before the band take to the stage. This doesn't affect me as I have my own transport tonight, but it's noticeable that a lot of people have to leave halfway through the show to catch trains - some people have come a long way, and even getting back to south London from here can be tricky late at night...
Kory Clarke always manages to put a good band together and this one is no exception. His hair is a bit shorter this year and looks a bit like a 1980's style perm - fortunately the New Yorker's trademark roar of a voice is still in full efect!
After two or three songs something appears to go wrong, but it's not clear exactly what. Kory seems less than happy with the mix he's getting through the monitors and repeatedly asks for his voice to be turned up. He seems a somewhat agitated as he storms round the stage - then he takes a dive and disappears from view! Everything grinds to a halt. Is the show over already? After a minute or so Kory reappears - and promptly falls into the drumkit! With the kit demolished Kory leaves the stage - maybe the show really is over? Presently the unpredictable frontman returns and the show resumes as if nothing has happened!
After another song or two Kory again halts the show - saying he doesn't want to continue until he get's paid! He appeals for contributions from the crowd. A musician and journalist well known in the underground music scene steps forward and gives Kory a £20 note - the show goes on.
There is some newish material as well as the expected crowd pleasers like 'The Drug', 'Punk And Belligerant', 'Charlie's Out Of Jail', 'Fuck The Pigs', and 'The Wasteland'. The band sound tight after being on tour and play their brand of  politically charged 'acid punk' with fire in their bellies.
 I want this guitar!
Kory Clarke is still a great frontman and has one of the most distinctive voices in rock. He retains his punk rock edge and unpredictability - you never know what is going to happen once he hits the stage.

I think everyone goes home happy - apart from all those he had to leave early. The venue looked quite full at the start of the show but was probably less than half full before the end...

PS: This venue closed in early 2014.

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