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24/1/2013 Die Kur @ The Intrepid Fox

SubjectDie Kur @ The Intrepid Fox
DateCreated1/26/2013 6:19:00 PM

It's not that often I venture to the Intrepid Fox these days, and their Newcastle Brown is now perilously close to the £4 mark.

However, this Thursday night finds me heading down there for a free gig. First band on are Drilling Spree. 

I miss the around half of their set due to a stupidly early start time for a midweek gig but I quite liked what I saw of their Gothic metal styled offerings.

Next up was a pretty dreadful metal band so it was time for my usual walk down Denmark Street to drool over all the guitars in the shop windows. Nothing particularly took my fancy on this occasion - probably just as well as I don't have room for any more guitars.

My perambulations down Denmark Street and round the corner into Charing Cross Road took longer than I expected and I only arrived back in the pub as Die Kur were starting their set.

One day I'll have to make sure I'm ready with my camera at the beginning of their show when they start with a more 'Industrial' look.

The room upstairs at the Intrepid Fox is pretty full - surprisingly so for a midweek show considering none of the bands are well known.

It looks a good night for Die Kur as they play their brand of Industrial Metal to a full room.

Shapes are thrown, poses are pulled, and moves are made - you are concious that you are watching an actual performance rather than a bunch of musicians just standing there playing music and going through the motions - some effort is obviously being put into this.

The band play to an appreciative crowd tonight - it's good to see this happening as I often see bands playing to the wrong crowd either at the wrong venue or on the wrong bill. On this occasion everything works out pretty well, although I'd have put the bad metal band of first instead of in the middle.

All three bands have finished by 11.00 and I still have plenty of time for another beer before catching the tube - with loads of time to spare for a change!
PS: This venue has now shut, but the Intrepid Fox re-opened in April 2014 at the former Archway Tavern at the North end of Hollway Road.

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