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21/3/2013 The DeRellas and the WitchDoktors @ The Borderline

SubjectThe DeRellas and the WitchDoktors @ The Borderline
DateCreated3/25/2013 3:37:00 PM

Thursday night finds me heading down to The Borderline. I was thinking about going on the bike as I'd been out and about on it earlier - then I checked the weather forecast for the evening...

Unfortunately the train doesn't get me there early enough to catch Healthy Junkies, but it's not the end of the World as I've seen them a few times recently and will be seeing them again soon enough. Second band on this rather good bill is the WitchDoktors

This is rock 'n' roll in it's purest form - stripped down loud and raucous. Screaming lead guitar, driving bass, and pounding drums - just like it should be. Like the amazing Jim Jones Revue no one is reinventing the wheel here, but the wheel already works pretty good don't it?

The WitchDoktors have the right idea - they just turn it up and get on with it. There's no messing about - just play basic rock 'n' roll loud and fast. If it ain't broke - don't fix it. If you want to check them out they play at the 12 Bar Club regularly.

Last band tonight is the rather excellent DeRellas

Like the previous band this is pretty basic rock 'n' roll, but with more of a punk edge along with a tinge of Glam. What's not to like? It also doesn't hurt that they also have songs with catchy hooks.

They play well, but so do lots of bands. But most those other bands don't have the same in your face attitude - combined with decent songs. Most of the band's album 'Hollywood Monsters' gets an airing tonight and I don't think anyone goes home disappointed.

Even on a Thursday night the bands finish early at The Borderline, and although the bar is still open at £4.47 for a bottle of Newcastle Brown none of my money passes over the bar tonight.

Outside I find it has started to rain - just as well I didn't come on the bike. I head off for a quick drink at the Intrepid Fox on the way home - at least Newky Broon is still (just) under the £4 mark here. The place doesn't seem the same these days though - although it's still fairly busy on a Thursday night there was a time when I'd always bump into people I know. Glad it's still here though, but for how long I don't know as I believe it's recently been sold to a property developer... Things went well with the trains for a change and I was home in under an hour after a night of fine rock 'n' roll.

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