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7/9/2013 Healthy Junkies, Hotwired, Spider Redundant & Grim Dylan @ The Unicorn

Another top value for money Saturday night at The Unicorn in Camden; Free entry to see four bands and ales at only £3.10 - what's not to like? The first band are about 20 minutes late going on - which eventually leads to the headliners having to cut their set short. Again. This isn't really fair on them as they organised the night themselves and don't get to play a full set. After a late start Grim Dylan take a little while to warm up.
This 3 piece Grunge/Riot Grrrl outfit get off to a slightly shaky start before getting into their stride. Then there are some more problems when a guitar change means the instrument has to be tuned down - another delay. They do improve noticably later in their set though, and there is plenty of energy along with some good guitar riffing.

Things take on a heavier tone when Spider Redundant take to the stage - a metal band who don't look like a metal band. The frontman is wearing a dress - unfortunately I don't manage to get a picture of him in his blonde wig before he throws it away!
I've seen this band at The Unicorn before and didn't really enjoy their set that much although they played very well. Tonight I definitely get more into it. They might look more like a pub band (apart from the singer's attire) and don't have much stage presence but they are obviously excellent musicians. They are very tight and well rehearsed. They are also very heavy - Metallica being an obvious influence.

Next is another change of style - this time it's more hardcore punk. If you are a fan of Vice Squad you will probably like Hotwired too. Like the previous band, this lot are somewhat lacking in stage presence - apart from their singer who has plenty!
Nothing very original going on here, but they play hard and fast - you can tell they mean it. If punk rock is your thing then Hotwired are certainly worth checking out.

Last, but most certainly not least - apart from the length of their truncated set are Healthy Junkies.
This lot always deliver the goods - catchy pop/rock songs well played. After plugging the excellent first album 'Sick Note' for over a year, a lot of new songs are now appearing in their set - their second album is on the way.
This band aren't one to stand still for long - loads of new songs in the set, and a recent change of rhythm section too. Healthy Junkies may be ringing the changes, but the new lineup seems to be jelling well and they seem to have excellent chemistry as they were all good friends before being in a band together.
This band's hard work and regular gigging over several years is paying off as they are building up a following and their regular shows at this venue always have a good turnout.
Another very enjoyable night at the band's monthly 'Punk 'N' Roll Rendezvous' club - there is always a good atmosphere and they are creating a 'scene' of their own - without actually having the usual hipsters and scenesters who usually make any 'scene' have a very limited shelf life before people move on to the next one. Maybe the trick is to have a scene that's just based on good music instead of fashion, trends, and trying to be 'cool' - whatever that is?

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