Thursday, 21 May 2015

17/5/2015 Stereo Juggernaut at PhillyStock @ The Unicorn

I find myself heading to The Unicorn in Camden on a Sunday instead of my more usual Friday or Saturday nights. The occasion is PhillyStock - an event organised by her friends in memory of the late Philly O. Philly was a live music fan and often seen at gigs around North London - including this very venue. This is the second of these annual events and there is a strong turnout in aid of the two charities being supported: Diabetes UK and The National Autistic Society. As usual at this venue it's free on the door, but the bill is worth paying a few quid for: Stereo JuggernautThe Kult 45sFar From Life, and an acoustic set from Healthy Junkies bass player and TBFM DJ Dave Renegade.

Unfortunately a mate turning up unexpectedly at home delayed me for two hours - you know what happens when you have a plan? Consequently I didn't arrive in Camden until much later than intended and I missed most of the live acts - only arriving in time to catch the last song of The Kult 45s set. What little I saw and heard was very good though - I was just looking at my recent blog posts as I knew I'd seen their whole set recently and been very impressed and I was going to post a link so you could read up on them and see some pictures - then I realised that gig was exactly a month ago at this same venue and I didn't take any pictures or write a review as I was playing in another band on the bill that night. The Kult 45s are a great rock 'n' roll band though - go see them!

Final band on tonight's bill is Stereo Juggernaut - a most appropriate choice as they are a band Philly really liked a lot and she went to loads of their gigs.
My photography skills have not improved...

This band have changed out of all recognition since I first saw them a few years ago - both musically and in appearance.
Original members Ben (guitar/vox) and Reuben (drums) remain but they have decided they don't need a keyboard player and have ditched the poppier and more commercial sound in favour of adding a second guitarist.

There is very much a party vibe tonight.
This is now a  full-on METAL band. Their set tonight is pretty in-your face and there is much furious headbanging!
There is a strong turnout tonight by Philly's many friends and I think she would have thoroughly enjoyed the show - it really is an excellent tribute to her. 
In a very fitting finale Stereo Juggernaut finish their set by announcing that they are going to play a song they haven't played for a year, and it's one of Philly's favourites. It's a shame they don't still include it in their sets as I think it's still their finest song - it's called Fade Away.

Philly would have loved all this.

PS: Hundreds of quid was raised for each of the two charities. Result!