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7/2/2013 New York Junk & The Gasoline Queens @ The Unicorn

SubjectNew York Junk & The Gasoline Queens @ The Unicorn
DateCreated2/10/2013 6:28:00 PM

Thursday nights seem to be 'the new Saturday nights' - I seem to have been out at gigs every Thursday night recently. This one finds me heading down to The Unicorn in Camden for another FREE gig.

It's not a bad little venue this, and although it might not be in the trendy part of Camden it's better than some of the area's more well known places - less of a dump and far less of a rip-off. Free to get in and Newcastle Brown is only £3 bottle - what's not to like? OK, it's not that close to any tube stations but it's well served by buses and the infamous (N)29 goes right past.

Singer/songwriter Brandy Row goes on first - about an hour late, and consequently plays a very short solo acoustic set which I miss most of. Next up are The Gasoline Queens- who seem to be playing a lot of gigs at the moment.

Playing regularly has made this band very tight and their performance tonight seems natural and effortless.

The sound mix tonight isn't as good as at their recent gig at the Islington, but the performance is definitely better - in fact it's one of the best I've seen from the band.

Some of this band's original songs are real belters - good rock 'n' roll with a catchy singalong chorus. They throw in some choice covers too - including a cracking version of the Dogs D'Amour classic 'Last Bandit'. I actually prefer the rocking Gasoline Queens version of the song to the more lightweight sounding original - don't tell Tyla I said that!

They ought to do that song well though, as this band were Tyla's backing band on a tour several years ago and effectively were Dogs D'Amour while doing so. Another great cover from this lot is the Stones classic 'Dead Flowers' - a song I seem to have been hearing in pubs a lot recently.

The Gasoline Queens alway bring some loyal fans out at their gigs and most of them are here tonight. It's not a bad turnout for a Thursday night at one of Camden's lesser known venues. However, it looks a bit disappointing for a band all the way from New York who have interupted their European tour at short notice just to play this single show in the UK....

Fortunately, when New York Junk take to the stage a load of people seem to have suddenly appeared from nowhere! They can't have all been outside having a fag, but all of a sudden the place is magically full(ish).

This is the real thing kids - authentic New York rock 'n' roll - more 'New Wave' than punk maybe but it's good stuff.

The band play well and seem very relaxed and at ease. To be honest I'd never heard of them before this gig was announced, but they are obviously known to some of London's more underground old punks and rock 'n' rollers as ther are quite a few musicians in the crowd - including members of the Bermondsey Joyriders and Steve Dior .

New York Junk have some decent songs and exude a certain 'New York cool' that can't be faked - there is something very raw and real about them. If they come through London again they are certainly worth checking out.

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