Tuesday, 8 December 2015

24/10/2015 Johnny Throttle, Role Models & The Featherz @ The Finsbury

After a great value for money Friday night out at The Unicorn, Saturday at The Finsbury is good value too - Some Weird Sin club @ The Finsbury is cheap on the door and only ruined by the vastly overpriced and rather mediocre ale on offer. If you are lucky enough to actually get served at the bar as it was taking some people 20-25 minutes just to get a drink. I gave up in the end - waiting ages to get ripped off at the bar is just taking the piss. It's not worth waiting that long even if the beer is better and reasonably priced. The Unicorn is so much better in this respect, although it can take a while to get served there too sometimes.

As usual the Some Weird Sin crew have put a good bill together - even more rock 'n' roll than usual. I've been wanting to see The Featherz for some time. They didn't disappoint.
This female fronted band are a lot of fun! There is a very strong Bowie influence, both visually and musically. It's Glam Rock, but with a strong punk 'in-your-face' attitude. They describe themselves as 'Flock Rock' - make of that what you will. Their best song is the hilarious and risque 'When Was The Last Time You Had Sex?' - an attitude fueled answer to being chatted up by creepy guys.
The Featherz are different and entertaining - definitely worth seeing again.

Next up are the Yo-Yo's/Loyalties offshoot Role Models.
This lot have all 'paid their dues' in previous bands over the years - and it shows. Think 'punk', think 'rock & roll', think catchy tunes. Not a million miles away from the Yo-Yo's but without the rough edges - but they are no squeaky-clean pop group either.

Finally tonight we have the welcome return of Johnny Throttle. This is full-on dirty punky rock 'n' roll! This band are back with a slightly different lineup after apparently splitting up a year or so ago. I only got to see them once before but there were terrific then, and they still are.
Johnny Throttle are probably showing more 1950's/60's garage rock 'n' roll influence than 1970's punk tonight but they are just as raw and dirty as they were before - only the look has changed a bit. This is the most genuinely exciting rock 'n' roll band I have seen for a long time - I hope this show is more than just a one-off comeback.

Monday, 7 December 2015

23/10/2015 Muff Wigs & Healthy Junkies @ The Unicorn

Back to The Unicorn for another good value for money (FREE entry and cheap bar prices) 'Rock 'N' Roll Rendezvous' night hosted by Healthy Junkies. I was looking forward to seeing Pollypikpocketz again but unfortunately they had to cancel due their drummer injuring his hand.. The first band I got to see was The Muff Wigs.
They didn't really float my boat with their generic shouty hardcore, although one of their singers had a surprising charisma and manner about him.

Healthy Junkies were excellent as usual with their punk/glam/grunge/pop inspired mixture of rock 'n' roll.
I never seem to get tired of seeing this band as they are great performers and always adding new songs to their set as well as bringing back the odd old one and throwing in the odd Nirvana or T-Rex cover.
I only got to Camden in time to see two of the four bands this time but it was still worth the trip.