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8/3/2014 A Mouth Full Of Matches, Gasoline Thrill & Healthy Junkies @ The Unicorn

Another Saturday finds me back in Camden at the monthly 'Punk 'N' Roll Rendezvous' club. This night at The Unicorn is always excellent value for money as it's free to get in and the drinks are at normal pub prices - that's not Camden or West End venue rip-off prices, just North London pub prices. There are usually three or four bands on the bill and if you like punk, rock 'n' roll, or just general rock music you are bound to like at least one of the bands - maybe all of them. And even if you only like one of them you haven't paid to see any bands you didn't like and you can still have a few beers without feeling ripped off.

As usual I'm not well organised enough to arrive it time to see the first band Black Sixteen. I do manage to catch A Mouth Full Of Matches though.
As is usually the case at these club nights, one of the bands is from out of town - the midlands in this case.
To be honest I can't remember much about what the band sounded like 6 months or so later but I think they were quite good.
The girls on guitar and bass are sisters. I wasn't deliberately just trying to take pictures of the girls - honest! They were on the other side of the stage to where I was standing and they just seemed to end up over on my side in front of the camera.
There - just to give some balance - there was a bloke playing guitar too!
Well, now you know what A Mouth Full Of Matches look like you can click the link and go find out what they sound like for yourselves.
Worth catching next time they are in town I think.

Next band is Gasoline Thrill
This band have evolved over several years and were originally called Catfight. I remember seeing them once or twice at the much missed Gaff club in Holloway Road.
I think this is the second time Gasoline Thrill have played one of these club nights at The Unicorn and the bring a modest but loyal following with them.
The music is raw and punk influenced rock 'n' roll, but tuneful - not a million miles away from The Distillers or the infamous Courtney Love.
 They are joined by a guest on bass for the last few songs - she fits in pretty well.
It's good to see some audience participation towards the end of the set - there is always a good atmosphere at these show's Healthy Junkies put on.

And speaking of the headliners...
 Healthy Junkies have really thrived since they have been running their own monthly club night at The Unicorn - they get to play regular shows and pick bands they like to play with in a venue that people actually like going to.
 The band seem to really like playing here, and there is always a decent crowd when they hit the stage.
The band continue to evolve and the 'musical chairs' continues on the drum stool - I'm not sure if Danny Fury is still in the band or not but he isn't playing tonight.
 Dave Renegade has fitted in perfectly on bass duties and seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.
Phil and Nina have a dynamic chemistry on stage and are the longest serving members of the band - also being the only current members of the band to have performed on the two albums the band have released to date.
Healthy Junkies always put on an entertaining show filled with catchy tunes and solid musicianship. They are a hard working band these days and are often playing gigs all over the country and abroad, and the more they play the better they get.
All too soon Healthy Junkies set is over - the drawback to headlining their own nights being that if things run late (as they often do) then they have to cut their own set short. Having a virtual residency at the venue they can't afford to run over time and upset the management or the local residents and licencing authorities. Still, at least I know that at this venue I can always stay to see the last band and not have to worry about missing the last bus/train home - something some other London music venues could learn from...

Same time next month then?

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