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25/1/2013 The Priscillas @ Some Weird Sin

SubjectThe Priscillas @ Some Weird Sin
DateCreated2/1/2013 4:05:00 PM

Friday night finds me heading down to Islington for the Some Weird Sin club. The club has just moved from Dusk Till Dawn (the former Archway Tavern) to Buffalo Bar - an improvement in most respects. Unfortunately both venues have shit bars though.

At least Buffalo Bar is only yards from a Wetherspoons so all is not lost.
Due to my issues with the bar I don't really want to spend any more time in the actual venue than I need to, so my first port of call is the White Swan for some decent ale.

No queue outside Buffalo Bar as I left Highbury & Islington station so my plan was to stay in the pub until just before the band went on and the door charge increased. As usual with my plans it went wrong - I arrived outside the venue with a couple of minutes to spare to find a queue where there has been none only 20 minutes before. I had to pay a quid more to get in (still good value at only a fiver) and The Priscillas were already one song into their set. 

This band are always good fun, and frontgal Jenny Drag is a natural performer.

Catchy 50's/60's bubblegum/rock 'n' roll tuneage is the order of the day here - their song 'All The Way To Holloway' has become a bit of a local rocker's anthem.

The club's first night at it's new venue seems quite a success as the place is pretty full - many familiar faces and a few well known musicians from London's underground rock 'n' roll scene.

The place has a cool vibe and I look forward to more nights here - I just wish they'd sort the bar out. Only bottled beer available in this basement dive - so why is it all yellow fizzy stuff in small overpriced bottles? How difficult would it be to get some Newcastle Brown or similar in like the 12 Bar Club does? Then I wouldn't have to keep sneaking out to the Weatherspoons pub a few yards away.

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