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21/5/2013 Jonny Cola & The A-Grades, The Dogbones, and David Ryder Prangley & The Witches @ Nambucca

A midweek jaunt down to Holloway Road. The Weather isn't completely shit for a change so I jump on the bike for this gig - something I think I'm going to be doing a lot more often over the summer as beer prices are getting stupid at more and more venues. The petrol I use getting to the show and back costs less than half what I would spend on public transport, I can park right outside instead of a longish walk to/from the stations either end, and the journey takes about a third of the time (and is a lot more fun) so it's a no-brainer really. And I also save quite a few quid on beer.

The first band I catch at Nambucca is David Ryder Prangley & The Witches. The Rachel Stamp frontman continues to be crap at 'retiring' from playing live and has a least 3 bands on the go! This is probably the least least 'Glam' or 'pop' and the most 'rock' one. Although there is a Glam element in the form of Lilygun drummer Belle Star - see my previous blog for more on that band.
This band have a harder edge to them than David's other bands - not metal, but still a little heavier. They are all accomplished musicians who can be seen in other bands.
Although DRP & Co. rock out for most of their set, the show ends with a slow and extended bluesy jam type number which shows they have more strings to their collective bow.

Next up are The Dogbones
This Queen Adreena offshoot have managed to take some of that band's following with them and a respectable number of them are drawn to Nambucca on this Tuesday night. 
Although this band are quite different to Queen Adreena, Crispin Gray's jagged ripping shards of guitar are a common thread. 
Nomi used to play bass in the last incarnation of Queen Adreena and has dragged some of that band's manic intensity into this band, although she seems to have calmed down a bit since the early days of The Dogbones. 
There is less of a Goth/Glam flavour to this band compared to Crispin and Nomi's previous outfit and more of a punk and grunge influence. 

Nomi may have calmed down slightly these days, but her performances are still anything but predictable, with her lying on the stage or launching herself into the audience. 
The twin drummer attack lends a bit of an Adam & The Ants sound at times. Later on in the set Crispin hands his guitar over to Nomi and takes over vocal duties for a couple of songs.
A bottle of red wine used to regularly feature in Queen Adreena shows, and that is something else Crispin has carried over, but Crispin drinks most of it instead of ending up wearing it like the amazing Katie Jane Garside used to do.

Tonight's headliners are Jonny Cola & The A-Grades.
When I first saw this band I didn't think they were really my cup of tea - a bit on the lightweight indie-pop side for my tastes. However, a couple of years later they have hardened up their sound. There is still a strong glam/pop influence visually, but the band rock out a lot more now. 
This band are capable of appealing to quite a wide audience - fans of bands as diverse as Suede and the early hard rocking Manic Street Preachers are all likely to find things to enjoy. 
By now my ailing camera's batteries were giving up - I'm surprised I managed to get so many pictures earlier - since it got dropped at a recent gig I never know how long it's going to work for even with fully charged batteries. It's been a good night though, with some quality bands. Then I'm off into the night - sober for a change. A great advantage to going to this gig on my bike (particularly on a 'school night') is that it only takes me twenty minutes to get home - less time than it normally takes me to walk to Finsbury Park station!

PS: This venue is now closed.

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