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26/4/2013 Jelly & The Dogbones @ Some Weird Sin

SubjectJelly & The Dogbones @ Some Weird Sin
DateCreated5/19/2013 5:22:00 PM

Friday night finds me heading down to Islington for the Some Weird Sin Club @ Buffalo Bar. It's a good bill tonight and Jelly are the first band I catch. 

This band are starting to build a bit of a following with their 1970's influenced alt-rock stylings.

They have a very theatrical frontman in Stevie Bray - he draws you into his world and also showcases the other individual members of the band instead of just hogging all the limelight for himself.

The standard of musicianship is high and there are some songs good enough to have you remembering them if you see the band again.

There are shades of classic rock in the band's sound and they can rock pretty hard when they want to.

The sound is basic - raw and guitar driven and all the better for it. Due to using the headline band's guitar amps tonight the band have never sounded louder or better any time I've seen them.

All too soon Jelly's set is over and it's back off to the Wetherspoons just round the corner for some decent ales - the basement bar under the Famous Cock at Highbury Corner only stocks overpriced bottled beer and gived you a choice of lager, lager, lager, or cider - all in small bottles so I'm not sticking around between bands...

Unfortunately I enjoy the ales in the White Swan (and their prices) so much that I end up missing most of The Dogbones set.

This is stupid of me as they are one of the more interesting and entertaining bands on the London scene.

This band rose from the ashes of Queen Adreena and feature original guitarist Crispin Gray along with later bass player Nomi - who now fronts this band as well as playing guitar on some songs while Crispin takes lead vocals as he did in the final incarnation of Daisy Chainsaw after the remarkable Katie Jane Garside left. The Dogbones are certainly one of the most unique bands around with their grunge influenced sound and two drummers sharing part of the same drumkit.

Nomi is really finding her own identity now after having quite a few things in common with Katie Jane in this band's early days. There is still a punk influence and an element of chaos though - one thing Dogbones shows have in common with Queen Adreena is their unpredictability.

Unfortunately my late arrival from the pub and my camera getting dropped on the floor and broken mean I don't get many pictures of the Dogbones. Things don't get any better when I miss the last tube for no good reason other than losing track of the time while talking to friends - two night buses and a longer walk home - I never learn!

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