Monday, 15 September 2014

15/8/2013 JJ Rosa @ The Lexington

A Thursday night, a less well known venue that isn't in Camden or the West End, an unknown artist, and a full venue - is something happening here? Yes actually - JJ Rosa is happening.
I discovered this lady by accident when I saw her supporting The Temperance Movement else at the 100 Club a couple of months ago, and I was impressed enough to make the trip to The Lexington tonight. This venue has gone slightly upmarket since it's days as 'Clockwork' but it serves a selection of real ales at reasonable prices which makes it much nicer to visit than most music venues as far as I'm concerned. It's only £6 to see the bands as well so it's not an expensive night out.

JJ Rosa fronts a tight 3 piece band and plays a funky mixture of soul and rock. She's a pretty decent guitarist as well as being a fine and soulful singer. Sort of a cross between a female version of Prince (Princess?) Lady Gaga (without being nuts) and a bit of Orianthi thrown in as well. An interesting and unusual mixture, but quite a commercial sound - you could imagine this lady going places.
Originally from Manchester, JJ Rosa has moved to London and seems to be starting to build a following judging by the turnout for this midweek gig. She has good stage presence and a well rehearsed band. She's not afraid to throw in the odd cover like 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life' or a bit of Hendrix, but her own material stands up well too - she even has a 'Devil song' although she's not a straight ahead rock or blues artist. You can download 4 JJ Rosa live recordings for FREE here and watch a video too. ;-)  You know how you see some people on a stage and they just seem like they belong there? Natural performers - JJ Rosa is one of those. She has that little sparkle that just says 'Star Quality' and you get the feeling she won't be playing midweek club gigs for too long - she knows what she is doing.

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