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18/1/2013 Glam Rock Youth Club @ Rattlesnake of Angel

SubjectGlam Rock Youth Club @ Rattlesnake of Angel
DateCreated1/21/2013 1:44:00 PM

Rachel Stamp's David Ryder-Prangley continues to be crap at 'retiring' and brings his Glam Rock Youth Club band to a new venue tonight.

After recent club nights at Islington's Hope & Anchor and Nambucca in Holloway the retro based glam rock night now moves back to Islington and new venue Rattlesnake of Angel. Unfortunately an inch of snow has fallen during the day and the predictable English chaos ensues: I arrive at the station to find my train cancelled.

Faced with a half hour wait for the next train (if it even turns up) I have to get a bus to the tube station instead.

On eventual arrival at the tube station I find the first indicated train has just been taken 'Out of service'. Getting on the train on the other platform we are then informed that that one has now been taken out of service as well and we are told to get back on the first one - which now has it's doors shut!

I eventually arrive at the venue much later than planned...

My initial impression of the venue is less than favourable - an overpriced bar full of trendies and not at all the place any self respecting rocker would feel at home.

The bar doesn't stock anything I actually want to drink either - if you like your drinks yellow, fizzy, and full of chemicals you'll be happy enough though.

A wide range of bottled beers, but why are they all lagers? Is a bottle of Newcastle Brown or similar really too much to ask? Mind you, even if they had any broon they'd probably charge nearly a fiver for it so I wouldn't bother anyway.

There is really really bad music playing in the bar as well - it's the sort of place I can hardly leave quick enough.

However, things are much better in the room at the back - apart from the bar which has an equally poor selection.

On arrival I find a low turnout - many of the 'usual suspects' found at Glam Rock Youth Club shows are conspicuous by their absence... There are a few familiar faces though. The first band were due to be Cöbrettii but they had to pull out due to the weather - I'd have missed them anyway as thanks to First Capital Connect I didn't get to the venue until around 9.50. As the last band isn't due to finish until 11.00 this shouldn't have been so bad. DRP & Co are playing a rather good version of 'Get It On' as I walk in, and on finishing that song announce that the next song will be their last of the night! No pictures - I didn't get much chance to take any.

The live music is all over by 10.00 - I'm glad it was only £4 to get in! To be honest I wouldn't have bothered making the effort to get to the gig if I'd have known. I have to say that the club after was very good though - with DJ Sonic Medusa taking the place of the infamous Simon Price who was also unable to make it due to the weather. Loads of great 1970's and later glam tunes being blasted out - just a shame there were so few people there to enjoy them. 
PS: This venue is now closed.

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