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26/9/2013 The Howling @ The Underworld

A couple of pre-gig liveners in BrewDog first to avoid the venue's outrageous bar prices, then I'm off up the street to see The Howling at The Underworld.
This is a band on the rise and the show is sold out a week or so beforehand. They were easily one of the most popular bands at the Camden Rocks festival back in June - see earlier blog. The energy level is high from the show openers 'Outsiders' and 'Pitbull' - the latter featured on a recent Classic Rock magazine cover CD.
This is a band who's members have plenty of experience from their earlier outfits like Red Star Rebels and Towers Of London - acts who had already built up followings in their own right. That previous experience is now being put to good use.
This is a full on rock show - don't come to see The Howling expecting to hear ballads or slow songs, that's not what this band are about.
What you should expect at a Howling gig is a full-on in-your-face rock show.
This isn't just any old Howling gig - tonight's show is to promote the band's debut album and they are playing it in full. There is a definite buzz of excitement in the air.
These guys know what they are doing and have learnt how to work a crowd - the atmosphere in this club tonight is testament to that.
Lead guitarist The Rev has often been seen playing solos while standing on the bar in music venues. However, this isn't practical in The Underworld, so he does a spot of mid-song crowd surfing instead!
Former Red Star Rebels singer Blacky and Towers Of London guitarist The Rev are definitely the stars of the show and have brought fans from their previous bands.
The Howling are a whole new ball game though and don't sound much like their previous outfits. I think the standout songs from the whole album played tonight are 'Pitbull' and 'Rock N Roll'. There aren't really any low spots in the set though.
Instead of ending up back at BrewDog or the Dublin Castle for a drink or two for the road, I find myself at the aftershow - it makes a nice change not to be thrown out of The Underworld soon after the band finish their set and go home when I choose for a change...

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