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13/7/2013 Healthy Junkies, Lorenza Woods & Delta Unit @ The Unicorn

Saturday night and I'm back in Camden for the monthly 'Punk 'N' Roll Rendezvous' club at The Unicorn. These nights are always good fun! These shows are free to get in and the drinks are at pub prices - normal outer London pub prices not trendy Camden or Hoxton ones. No real ales, but they have Newcastle Brown and Old Speckled Hen in bottles so there is something for ale drinkers.

Unfortunately I missed the opening acoustic set from Danny Fury(ex-Lords of the new church, Sham69, etc) and Radio Revolution playing an electric set. I did get to see Delta Unit though.

I wasn't that impressed when I saw them some time ago at the Water Rats, but I definitely got more into their set tonight. French female fronted, indie, and somewhat avant-garde with a slightly decadent 60's vibe. I couldn't help not thinking the other singer was Jarvis Cocker, but of course there is another 'French connection' there so... I think most the rest of the band has changed since I last saw them.

Next up are Lorenza Woods. Quite a contrast to the previous band, this lot are 'in-your-face' rock. I don't think this band from Wakefield get down to 'that London' much.
The sound is heavy, but the vocals are better than the terrible screaming and shouting that most current metal bands seem to think they have to do to make 'the kids' like them.
It's a refreshing change to hear a contemporary metal band with someone actually putting an effort into actually singing for a change. This makes Lorenza Woods stand out from the millions of bands pedalling generic 'metal-by-numbers' in the vain hope of anyone remembering them. They all look and sound the same, but you are far more likely to remember this band - even if the guitarist does try a bit too hard. At least he makes an effort to put on a show though, and he is the only real showman in the band.

And so onto headliners Healthy Junkies. They play here regularly as this is their own monthly club. Another female fronted band - this seems to be a regular thing at these club nights. This band are a testament to how good a band can get through playing regularly, although they play plenty of other gigs in London and elsewhere as well.
Of course you need good songs if people are to remember your band, regardless of how well you play live. Healthy Junkies are well ahead of most their peers in this respect - with a second album now in the can they have plenty of songs to choose from. Not just plenty of songs, but plenty of catchy ones which get stuck in your head.
The new lineup of this band seems to be working well - Danny Fury (who also fronts Tango Pirates) is pounding the drums, and ex-Gasoline Queens bassman Dave Renegade fits in like he's been in the band for years. Shit pictures from my old phone yet again, and an accidental video from the end of the set.

Another fun and great value for money night at The Unicorn - this place and the Some Weird Sin club at Buffalo Bar seem to be turning into my most regular gigs these days - it's possible to have a good time and enjoy a friendly atmosphere at a show without being ripped off in Camden/Hoxton or the West End these days.

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