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9/3/2013 Healthy Junkies, Maid Of Ace & The Unkindness Of Ravens @ The Unicorn

SubjectHealthy Junkies, Maid Of Ace & The Unkindness Of Ravens @ The Unicorn
DateCreated3/16/2013 1:06:00 PM

Saturday night finds me heading to Camden for another free gig at The Unicorn. I was planning to get there early enough to see the Partly Faithful. However, a mate dropped round my place unexpectedly and delayed me for ages so I missed their whole set.

I did get to see The Unkindness Of Ravens though. 

An interesting Goth duo - just bass and vocals. This was something quite theatrical and out of the ordinary - you really got the feeling you were watching a performance and a piece of art - not just music.

The vocals are quite ethereal, and there is masses of distortion on the bass to provide a big fat sound - fans of Queen Adreena will probably like this.

Next up is an all girl band from Hastings playing their first London gig.

This band are all sisters and go by the name of Maid Of Ace .

They are good fun. The music is very in-your-face punk/grunge, but there are some decent tunes in there - these girls know how to write a song.

They play with confidence and you wouldn't think this was the first time they have played in London - I think Maid Of Ace are worth checking out if you find they are playing down your way.

Final band of the night is Healthy Junkies - almost the venue's 'House Band' as they have their own night here once a month. They are a rock 'n' roll band with strong grunge and punk influences - with a bit of Glam thrown into the mix as well. It's their songs that really make you remember them though, and there aren't many bands on the circuit that you can really say that about these days.

Playing regularly has helped this band build up a following, and also turned them into polished and professional performers.

Like the first band I saw here tonight there I think I detect a Queen Adreena influence, but this is much less noticable than it was in this band's early days as they are now forging their own identity.

It's been another varied and interesting night at The Unicorn, and a cheap night out too as it's always free to get in and the Newcastle Brown is a whole pound a bottle cheaper than it was at the Boston Arms Music Room last night. This is a music venue that actually encourages you to go back there - a rarity these days.

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