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23/4/2013 Bermondsey Joyriders @ The Ace Cafe

SubjectBermondsey Joyriders @ The Ace Cafe
DateCreated5/12/2013 6:20:00 PM

It's St George's Day and I celebrate by going to see a very English rock 'n' roll band at a biker hangout that has become a bit of an English institution. And how better to get there than on an English motorcycle? 

I arrive at the legendary Ace Cafe just in time to see the band, but I'm not the only one at the cafe with a sense of urgency - apparently a lady is on the point of giving birth in the disabled toilet - it all happens here! An ambulance arrives while the band are playing - how rock 'n' roll is that baby gonna be?!!

I can't think of a more appropriate band to play here on St Georges Day than that most English of rock 'n' roll bands the Bermondsey Joyriders

Now the business of promoting their second album is done these sharp dressed men are playing some of their older songs again, although newer ones like 'Proper English' (about tea) are most suitable for tonight.. First album song 'Who Are Ya' is also terribly English and most appropriate.

The band's heady mixture of punk attitude and old school rock 'n' roll style goes down well with the biker crowd and band's own fans alike in this rather special and extremely cool venue.

I don't think I could have picked a better place to go and a cooler band to see on St George's day - my only gripe is that the band don't play their song 'Cafe Racer' tonight as that would have been SO perfect in this venue - apparently they haven't played or rehearsed it for so long that they didn't want to risk it tonight as it's a difficult song to play if not performed regularly... That aside, it's an excellent night all round - and cheap too as it's free to get in and I'm drinking coffee instead of beer for a change. I do dip into my pocket to buy one to the special limited edition and rather cool T-shirts though - only 75 made of these ones celebrating tonight's show in aid of the Strummerville music charity and 75 years of the Ace Cafe.

Back home in 20 minutes too - better than the hour or so it takes me to get home via public transport from most London gigs. I should come here more often.

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