Monday, 15 September 2014

12/10/2013 Healthy Junkies & Army Of Skanks @ The Unicorn

Another cheap night out at The Unicorn in Camden. Free admission to see several bands and drinks at pub prices - you can't go wrong really. Unfortunately one band cancelled at short notice, so we didn't get to see Dumbjaw. As a result of this Goid were on next. I can't say I thought they sounded good at all to be honest, and no one else I spoke to seemed to like them either...

Next up were Army Of Skanks who were much better.
Three girls and a guy on drums, this lot are old school punk rock in attitude and style.
This mob from Coventry are all about having a good time playing rock 'n' roll.
Army Of Skanks are entertaining to watch and fun to listen to while displaying plenty of attitude.
The band certainly looked like they were having a good time, and this rubbed off on the audience who got quite into their set as well.
Army Of Skanks are nothing special as musicians, but they rock and are worth checking out if you get the chance.

The headliners have built up a following with their catchy pop/rock songs and regular gigging over the last couple of years or so.
The band's hard work is paying off and their second album is now out - CDs being available at this gig.
The new Healthy Junkies rhythm section is working well and you'd think this lineup had been playing together for years.
The band have plenty of strong songs spread over their two albums and tonight and covers like '20th Century Boy' and 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' are getting rarer and rarer in their live sets.
Tonight a guest vocalist appears with Healthy Junkies for a song or two - regular readers may well recognise Stevie Bray from Jelly - a band who are good friends of tonight's headliners.
Healthy Junkies always put on a good show and are as good to listen to as they are to watch. They also have one other vital ingredient that most other bands on the scene are lacking - they have plenty of great songs! So many other bands you see around Camden take themselves so seriously and spend far more time in front of the mirror than concentrating on writing good songs. This is a band who can come up with a good tune that you will remember after seeing them live. And if you see them once you will probably want to see them again.
Tonight's show can definitely be considered a success and I think the band know it. A few more new fans won over for sure - and they will be back for more... And I will too - I have to say the new album 'The Lost Refuge' is rather good and a step forward in sound from their excellent debut 'Sick Note'.

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