Monday, 15 September 2014

27/9/2013 The Priscillas @ Some Weird Sin

A quick pint or two at the adjacent Wetherspoons as the venue bar doesn't stock anything to my liking, then I'm off to Buffalo Bar for Some Weird Sin - one of the coolest little clubs in town. This monthly shindig is always busy later on and has a great atmosphere. Cheap drinks in the pub round the corner and only £4 on the door for the club - can't go wrong really!

This month's headline band is The Priscillas - they are always good fun! It's at this club that my camera got broken a while ago and this is the first time I've been here since getting my new camera. I still haven't got the hang of using it and some of tonight's pictures look like they were actually taken on my phone as at other recent gigs...
This all girl outfit have a New York punk influence largely from singer Jenny Drag, but there is also Shangrilla's type 60's pop and 50's rock & roll in the mix - along with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.
Jen is a lively and charismatic frontperson - it's a job she looks born to do, and she does it well. Some people are just impossible to ignore when they get on a stage.
The Priscillas set is fun and entertaining. Sadly it's guitarist Guri's last gig before leaving the band, but she certainly goes out with a bang. The band crank out a catchy set of pop/punk songs like their anthem 'All The Way To Holloway' (we are at the bottom end of Holloway Road after all) before bowing out leaving a room full of satisfied fans.
After two bands it's getting close to midnight, but the fun is not yet over as Rachel Stamp's David Ryder Prangley arrives to play a Glam Rock/power pop DJ set into the small hours...
Same time next month then?

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