Friday, 19 September 2014

2/3/2014 Jelly & Bubblegum Screw @ The Dublin Castle

This night finds me back in Camden again - at the Dublin Castle this time. Over six months later and I can't remember very much - in fact I can't remember who these girls are at all.
I may well have been in the nearby BrewDog pub first, but all this time later I probably still wouldn't have remembered much even if there was no beer involved.

Next on were the rather excellent Jelly.
This lot always provide good entertainment with their polished brand of 80's and 80's influenced rock.
There is no shortage of onstage charisma with this band and a good performance is always ensured due to the various members having 'paid their dues' over the years on the circuit.
They have some memorable songs as well - this is a band who really know what they are doing.
Singer Stevie is quite theatrical in his performance and looks very at home on a stage - using a variety of props to emphasise parts of certain songs.
It was well worth the trip to Camden just to see Jelly, but there is another good band on next.

Bubblegum Screw have been trading the toilet circuit for a few years now and are more of an out and out rock 'n' roll band than Jelly. Think New York Dolls, Stooges, and the Stones and you'll be getting the picture. The lineup of this band seems to change every time I see them, and I think the singer is the only original member left.
Frontman Mark Thorn has all the Jagger/Johansen moves down perfectly and is a real livewire - the most energetitic singer I've seen in a long time. Although this is a London band there is a very strong New York punk influence

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