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5/5/2013 - Part 1: Temple Of Gold & London SS @ The Dublin Castle

SubjectTemple Of Gold & London SS @ The Dublin Castle
DateCreated6/10/2013 2:23:00 PM
PostedDate6/11/2013 5:19:00 AM

Part 1.

Sunday night and there are two gigs I want to go to - fortunately both in Camden. My first port of call is the Dublin Castle - a venue I always enjoy visiting due to it's real ales/cider at decent prices and independent non-corporate vibe.

The first band I see tonight is old school first generation punk band the less than tactfully named London SS - a band with a very interesting list of previous members who went on to be much more well known in other bands.
A couple of the new members will be familiar to regulars of London's underground rock 'n' roll scene though....

The band's singer Jimmy is one of the least predictable frontmen around - this is his last show before he heads off to live in New York.

Jimmy is a real livewire and you never know what he is going to do next - if only you could bottle and sell 'Stage Presence'.

The highly energetic frontman is never still and seems to spend more time in front of the stage than on it - at one point even disappearing through the door into the front bar. You can never get bored watching this guy!

Guitarist Brady is the only original member and has assembled a new lineup of young(er) guns - the band now being less punk and a more of a rock 'n' roll outfit.

This band are good fun to watch - lets hope they are back soon with a new singer, although Jimmy will be a hard act to follow.

Next on the bill is David Ryder-Prangley's newest band - when he's not doing Rachel Stamp or his Glam Rock Youth Club covers band. Or his other project The Witches.

This is Temple Of Gold and they are more of a rock 'n' roll outfit than David's other bands, although there is still a bit of a glam influence - more in the music than the image - apart from Lilygun drummer Belle who is more glam than the rest of the band put together!

The music is harder hitting than you might expect and the band do rock out quite a bit, although there is quite a long ballad type song that is all the more effective for being surrounded by rockers.

You never know where DRP is going to pop up next these days - he never seems to have been as busy since his 'retirement' from music was announced last year with various projects on the go as well as club DJ spots and guesting in other bands.

This is the only one of DRP's various bands where he steps out from behind a guitar for the whole show, which makes this a bit different - he seems to relish the freedom to move around more and throw a few shapes.

After being well entertained by the last two bands on this value for money 4 band bill (I couldn't get there early enough to see The Apocalypse Tree or Mr & Mr Volvo (featuring Dayvid ex Visitor Q/Mad Pitch) I head off up Chalk Farm Road for my second gig of the night...

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