Monday, 15 September 2014

7/6/2013 Ferocity Lights @ The Unicorn

So it's Friday night and I'm back at The Unicorn in Camden yet again. And why not? It's always free to get in to see the bands and the beer is at normal pub prices. What's not to like? The reason I'm here is to see Ferocity Lights.
This North London based band have been out there playing their punky post-hardcore/grunge/alt-rock songs for several years now - doing it on their own terms and refusing to compromise. They have a strong DIY ethic - no need for record companies or to get signed - they just want to get their music out there and heard. Money doesn't seem important to them, so the give their music away for FREE at Bandcamp - you can download two E.P.'s and a whole album for free. This is a band doing it for the right reasons.
Ferocity Lights are fun live, and you can see they are having a good time. The songs are catchy bouncy pop/punk - tonight they are playing a mixture of old and new material from the album and most recent EP. Yes, I know my pictures are rubbish - the lighting is crap and my camera is knackered so I'm trying out the camera in my new smartphone - as you can tell, it's not very good. Still, it's a cheap night out and the music is quality so it's worth the trip.

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