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8/3/2013 Pure Rawk Awards 2013

SubjectPure Rawk Awards 2013
DateCreated3/15/2013 2:07:00 PM

The Pure Rawk Awards is always an event I look forward to, both socially and musically.

This is the second year running the event has been held at the Boston Arms Music Room. It's a sold out show with all profits going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Great value for money at only a fiver and the atmosphere is always great at these events.

My only gripe is that the venue have just put their bar prices up - a bottle of Newcastle Brown has now reached the tipping point of £4 and I can no longer call this a cheap venue to drink at.

I had planned to get here nice and early, but instead of my usual more leisurely Friday afternoon I had to rush round town getting a load of things done, and I got offered some free guitar stands so I had to go round and pick those up from a mate's studio - then got chatting and lost track of the time. The unfortunate result of all this is that I missed the opening act Peckham Cowboys - apparently minus their newest members Nigel Mogg and Darrell Bath, although stand-ins had been arranged.

The awards themselves are presented between the bands - click here for a full list of who got what. After the Peckham Cowboys opened the show the next act was Night By Night (who also won the 'EP/Single of the Year' award) playing an acoustic set.

More awards followed, and then we got a set from Electric River.

I've heard good things about this band and their Wildhearts influenced brand of noise bears further investigation. Other people have obviously been impressed because Electric River picked up the 'New Breed' award tonight.

The final band tonight give us something quite different.. If you can imagine something a bit like a female fronted Urban Voodoo Machine with maybe a little steampunk mixed in then you might be in roughly the same ballpark as The Great Malarkey.

This band are certainly different, and quite lively but not my cup of tea to be honest. They seem to be building a following though so good luck to 'em.

When I bumped into Robin Guy in Camden last week he wasn't even aware that he had been nominated for the 'Drummer of the Year' award.

Tonight when it was announced that he'd actually won the award there was no sign of him. He turned up later on, and when I mentioned the award to him he didn't even know he'd won it! Drummers huh?

It was another excellent night - well done to Pure Rawk and all the award winners and nominees.
Same time next year then?

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