Monday, 15 September 2014

26/7/2013 Some Weird Sin Club @ Buffalo Bar

These monthly clubs at the Buffalo Bar tend to be good nights, and this one was no exception. Into the adjacent Wetherspoons beforehand for a decent beverage or two at a reasonable price - avoiding the need to patronise the overpriced poor selection of beers in the venue. It's £7 to get into the club tonight - pretty good for 3 bands and a 'name' DJ.

First band is Table Scraps - a boy/girl duo on guitar/vox & drums respectively. Think Winnebago Deal meets White Stripes?
They describe themselves thus: "3 drums, 1 guitar, 3 amps, Fuzz and spilt drinks." The sound is loud rock 'n' roll - definitely a 1950's/60's and surf rock influence. Yes, I know my pictures are particularly poor quality - my phone is crap for taking pictures in poor light. This is the club where I broke my camera a few weeks ago and I haven't got round to getting another one yet.

Next band are The Hip Priests. This lot impressed me the previous time I saw them, and they do so again tonight.
If you like nasty dirty in your face punky rock 'n' roll, then you are probably going to like this lot. A lot.
Fast and furious, every song is played as if it might be their last ever. Ferocity and velocity are the order of the day here, but they haven't forgotten to throw in some actual tunes as well. 'Full tilt bullshit' in their own words!

Last band is the Ricky C Quartet. - more dirty loud and fast rock 'n' roll is unleashed! There is more of a punk and garage rock influence here, but the 'Take no prisoners' attitude is much the same.

If you like rock 'n' roll you can't not like the bands playing tonight. There's nothing I want to drink at the venue bar regardless of price, so I'm in and out of the Wetherspoons all night. Back in Buffalo Bar I experience a bizarre and random moment. I feel someone tap me on the shoulder, so I turn round to see who it is? It's Sylvain Sylvain of the legendary New York Doll holding his hand out to shake mine. Why I don't know as I can't imagine he has any idea who I am?  He smiles and we shake hands as if we know each other, and without either of us saying a word he is on his way. I can only assume he mistook me for someone else. The reason the New York Doll is in the club is because he is doing a 'Special Guest' DJ set later when the bands have finished.

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