Monday, 29 September 2014

10/5/2014 Healthy Junkies @ The Unicorn

So I find myself at The Unicorn yet again. There must have been other bands on as well as Healthy Junkies but I only seem to have photos of them from the night and five months later I can't remember anything else about the evening. OK, beer may have been involved. Actually, I'm sure beer was involved but I've got a shit memory at the best of times - in fact for as long as I can remember...
I always enjoy shows by this band - partly because I like their catchy songs, but also because they play with a genuine love for what they do.
Danny Fury is back on drums for this gig - enjoying a change from his 'day job' of fronting Tango Pirates.
Two albums in and the band have plenty of material to pick from when they put a set together, so songs tend to get changed around quite a bit to avoid things getting stale.
Healthy Junkies mixture of punk, glam. and grunge along with their memorable songs have helped them build up a following - as has playing regularly at their own night at this venue as well as others around town. Doing the odd tour of the UK and abroad as well as some festivals has also helped spread the word - this is a band who are definitely 'paying their dues' and starting to reap the rewards.
 As I seem to see them nearly every month I'm running out of thing to say about them....
This band's regular shows at The Unicorn are always entertaining and there is a good atmosphere of like minded souls in the venue.
Same time next month then?

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