Monday, 15 September 2014

22/11/2013 Duncan Reid & The Big Heads/Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons @ Some Weird Sin

Friday night finds me in Islington for the monthly Some Weird Sin club night at Buffalo Bar - always top value for money and tonight is no exception.
First band of the night is Duncan Reid and the Big Heads.
Duncan Reid was the bass player and singer in original 1977 punk band The Boys, and this new band remains true to his punk rock roots.
The Boys first album was a good example of punk rock with good tunes you could sing along to, and the Big Heads continue in much the same style.
The band play well and there is loads of energy on stage. I've never seen this lot before or heard any of their music, but one thing which strikes me immediately tonight is how good the actual songs are.
The Boys put out one of the very first punk albums in the UK and it contained some excellent songs although the sound was very low budget and rough round the edges. Duncan's new band seems a bit more polished, while still retaining that punk edge.

Most the songs played tonight are originals from the band's recent debut album Little Big Head but there are also a couple from The Boys first album - 'Sick On You' and the really catchy 'First Time' sound great!
The quality of the Big Heads songs and their energetic performance win me over easily and this is definitely a band I will be going to see again.
All too soon Duncan Reid and the Big Heads finish their high powered but tuneful set and I'm off back to the pub while the band changeover goes on - I've barely time for a quick pint...

I arrive back in the venue just as the remarkable Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons take to the stage.
I never get tired of seeing this band!
With their unique mixture of rockabilly, punk, and straight ahead rock mixed with their singer's Catwoman/Tank Girl image and stage antics there is plenty to keep the attention.
The band's songs tend to deal with the darker side of life (or death) with the subject matter including vampires, werewolves,  psycho-ex's and assorted monsters. And other creepy things like Daddy Long Legs! And pizza.
Cross dressing, living at home with your parents, and The Devil are other subjects covered in the band's songs - just yer normal everyday things. Well maybe normal if you live in Basingstoke...
If you are wondering why you can't see the bass player in my pictures? It's because there isn't one - this band have decided they don't need one any more - and they really don't.
As well as the catchy and entertaining songs, another thing that strikes you about this band is what a great drummer they have - very tight and powerful while also throwing in disco beats you don't expect to find in rock 'n' roll songs!
One very important thing which Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons get which some bands seem to miss is that rock 'n' roll is meant to be fun! You can't go and see this band without being thoroughly entertained.
The last band finish well before midnight, and as the venue bar doesn't stock anything I want to drink regardless of price I head back to the nearby Wetherspoons - I still have time for another couple of pints before jumping on the train home.


  1. Cant beat a bit of Pussycat, meaaaowwww! :)X

  2. Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons would be SO good on the same bill as you!

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