Monday, 15 September 2014

9/5/2013 Shush @ Nambucca

Tuesday night finds me heading down Holloway Road to see Shush at Nambucca.
Even on a 'school night' quite a few people have turned out to see Shush kick out their infectious brand of pop/rock at this cool little venue.
This lot have been away from the gig scene for a while and it's good to see them back.
  I'm glad to say the band are on great form and it seems like they've never been away! Shush give it everything they've got tonight and seem to be having a great time.
 The band play well as they always do, but that's not all they are about - they can write a good tune - something many other bands on the scene don't seem to manage however good they might be as performers.
 Possibly the most memorable song in the set is their charmingly titled anthem 'Fuck You' with it's singalong chorus. Audience participation is heartily encouraged - and given!
Well worth a midweek trip out, and I think everyone else who made the effort tonight would agree.

PS: This venue closed in early 2014,

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