Monday, 15 September 2014

28/6/2013 The Dedwardians & Purson @ Some Weird Sin

Friday night finds me back at Some Weird Sin @ Buffalo Bar in Islington. I'm getting to like this club - apart from the bar. Now if only they would stock bottles of something I actually want to drink like Newcastle Brown or Old Speckled Hen then I wouldn't have to keep sneaking out to the Weatherspoons next door. ;-)
They always have at least two bands on and it's dead cheap to get in - the crowd are a cool mixture of everything from Goths to indie and alt-rock fans and punks - always a nice atmosphere.

I saw the Dedwardians recently at the Camden Rocks festival (see earlier blog) but tonight it's better seeing them in their more natural habitat of a small club - after dark.
It's good to see them playing to much more of a crowd than the handful of people who turned up to see them at lunchtime in Camden recently. The play rock 'n' roll with plenty of attitude and some good tunes. Definitely worth seeing again.

Next up we have a band who are new to me, but certainly one of the more interesting acts I've seen recently.
This is Purson. They dish out an intriguing mixture of hippy tinged alt/Goth rock - describing themselves as Baroque 'n' Roll! Yes really. Although you can't see them all 'cos there wasn't much room for taking pictures in this full venue, there are about five people in the band.
Singer Rosalie Cunningham is a formidable and striking stage presence! She's a pretty decent guitar player as well. I didn't catch the band's full set, but I certainly intend to at some point in the future. The bands finish around 11.00 and then the DJs take over - including Rachel Stamp's David Ryder Prangley guesting on the decks later to ensure Glam Rock overload!


  1. I've heard Purson on daytime national radio the last two days - Team Rock have started playing them! Things are changing regarding underground rock bands and radio - on one station anyway...

  2. Wow - this post has certainly been racking up a LOT of hits!