Wednesday, 24 September 2014

5/4/2014 Top Buzzer, Brassick & Healthy Junkies @ The Unicorn

This Saturday night finds me back at The Unicorn for another free gig. As usual I don't catch the first band but arrive in time to see Top Buzzer. This band are new to me and feature ex-Roolettes and Traci Hunter Band guitarist Mike on six string duties.
The music is punky punchy new wave influenced rock 'n' roll.
The band have been described as "Weezer meets Billy Idol" or "The Toy Dolls meet The Wildhearts".

Taking the music to the people!
 It's pretty in your face stuff - tuneful but with plenty of attitude and tightly played.

Next band are Brassick. They are this month's outfit from out of town - the midlands in this case.
They play more uncompromising punk rock with some ska and metal thrown into the mix.
Brassick are powerful and agressive - a difficult band to ignore.

Finally we get the resident band Healthy Junkies - headining their own monthly club night.
I've seen this band so many times now than I'm running out of things to say. They always put on a good show though, and their grunge tinged pop/punk appeals to a wide audience.
There are plenty of catchy and memorable tunes pulled from the two albums they have released to date.
You never know quite what's going to happen at a Healthy Junkies show, but at least one member of the band will end up on the floor at some point!
And so ends another surprisingly cheap night out in Camden - because at The Unicorn you don't pay 'Camden' prices - just normal North London pub prices.

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