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11/12/2012 Peckham Cowboys @ Nambucca

SubjectPeckham Cowboys @ Nambucca
DateCreated12/23/2012 3:01:00 PM
PostedDate12/25/2012 7:59:00 AM

A bit of a mixed day. It starts with a funeral and me having to wear a suit and
ends with me going to a gig to watch another bloke wearing a suit. Rare to
experience so much sartorial elegance in one day. I could have done without
the first part to be honest though...

We all went to the pub after the funeral and I ended up staying much later
than I intended -resulting in me arriving at Nambucca very late and
completely missing the Gasoline Queens set.

I'd been looking forward to checking out the new lineup of the Peckham
Cowboys. Now only two original members remain. Only a few weeks ago
it seemed like the band had split up after the departure of founder member
and ex-Quireboy Guy Bailey. However, the band decided to carry on,
albeit with an almost completely new lineup. The thing is, if you like a certain
style of old school 1970's/80's rock 'n' roll then the new version of this band
looks rather exciting. New on guitar is underground legend and
ex-Dogs D'Amour, UK Subs, Crybabys (and many others) Darrell Bath.
And as one ex-Quireboy leaves the band, another one joins - we now have
Nigel Mogg on bass duties.

It has to be said - this is the most rocking version of Peckham Cowboys yet.
Are hats coming back? I didn't notice until I looked at the pictures, but
every single member of the band is wearing a hat.

Sharp dressed man and sometime Men & Gods (whatever happened to
them?) frontman Marc Eden does his thing shuffling and shimmying about
the stage while Mr Mogg throws a variety of shapes. The band are now
capable of playing sets of around twice the length of the twenty minute ones
earlier this year that left some people feeling short-changed.
The band seem to be starting to hit their stride - Darrell's fluid guitar solos
and natural feel for this style of rock 'n' roll certainly bring a lot to the table,
and Nigel's showmanship added to the mix doesn't do any harm either. It's
good to see a new band bringing some Stones/Faces style swagger back to
the capital's music scene. General opinion seems to be that this is the best
version of Peckham Cowboys yet, but how much better would it have
been with two Quireboys? This band has a fairly unpredictable and volatile
history so lets hope they can keep it together with this lineup. In typically
chaotic Cowboys fashion the show ends with a cover of the Stooges
classic 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' and a trouser dropping stage invasion. I
think everyone goes home happy.
PS: This venue has now closed.

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