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28/2/2013 Kitty Hudson @ The Fiddler's Elbow

SubjectKitty Hudson @ The Fiddler's Elbow
DateCreated3/10/2013 7:16:00 PM

Thursday night finds me heading to one of Camden's less fashionable venues - the Fiddler's Elbow. I'm running late and a bit worried that I might not arrive at the pub in time to see Kitty Hudson. I needn't have worried - as I get off the tube at Chalk Farm I bump into Robin Guy. He's just got off the same train as me and as he's Kitty Hudson's drummer and he can't remember where the venue is there isn't much danger of me missing the start of the show!

So in a rather unexpected turn of events I find myself telling one of the UK's most in demand drummers where he is going and jogging to the gig with him! He realises before we get there that he has actually played at the Fiddler's Elbow before - well there aren't many places he hasn't played.

The Fiddler's Elbow is a bit of a dump to be honest, and in a not so nice part of Camden on the edge of a dodgy estate. However, most the best music venues aren't exactly nice and modern - rock 'n' roll tends to work better in places that are a bit of a dive, and this place fits the bill. I am less than chuffed to find the real ale pumps appear to be out of action tonight though.

Enquiries at the bar reveal that this is going to change shortly - and sure enough I am soon supping a pint of London Pride.

Reasonably priced ale and only a fiver to see three bands - what's not to like?

My late arrival may not have stopped me seeing tonight's main attraction. but it does mean I only get there in time to see the last song by the Devil Cocks.

This lot actually look like a lot of fun, although poor stage lighting and the singer wearing a reflective hi-vis vest along with a kilt and crash helmet make for shit pictures taken with flash. 

There is plenty of punk attitude and loud rock 'n' roll played with a knowing sense of the ridiculous.

Maybe south London's answer to Turbonegro? From what I saw they look like an entertaining band who don't take themselves too seriously - certainly worth another look.

So around half an hour later than expected Kitty Hudson hit the stage.

This lot have always been decent enough musicians, but what really makes them stand out is their fantastic songs!

It also doesn't hurt that they band feature probably the UK's most in demand drummer, and some say the best rock drummer in the country. A natural showman Robin Guy was actually one of this band's early drummers and can boast a remarkable CV as well as being the drummer in infamous Glam/punksters Rachel Stamp. Now he's back in Kitty Hudson, not because they begged him like so many other bands do, but because he want's to be and because he finds it fun playing with his old mates.

It's not just the band's 'rock whore' drummer who are having fun tonight - Kitty Hudson are really enjoying getting back out doing what they do best - blasting out some punky tuneful rock 'n' roll in front of enthusiastic fans in a proper rock 'n' roll toilet of a venue - this is what they excel at!

The setlist is superb - this band have tunes head and shoulders above virtually every other band playing this circuit. Kitty Hudson have songwriting skills most bands would die for - their songs really have a classic stamp, but far too few people have ever heard them.

With such great songs as 'Relationshipwreck', '24 Hours To Kill', 'M.I.A.' 'Hup 2-3-4', and the utterly brilliant 'Everybody Loves You When You're Dead' plus the best drummer showman around you just can't fail to enjoy to enjoy this set even in a run down Camden pub - it's such a shame this band so rarely venture north of the river to play.

Last act of the night are White Coast Rebels. Just by looking at the picture below you probably think you can already tell exactly what they sound like. And they do.

Don't be fooled though, because they do actually have some pretty decent songs. They play well - tight and powerful. They also have a good sound. They even throw a well written if slightly cheesy and cliched power ballad into their set to show they are not just a one trick pony.

Although there is nothing very original here, I find it worth sticking around to the end of their set and feel I have been well entertained by a band who have worked hard and put plenty of effort into giving a people a good show. I don't think the promoter got the running order right though as Kitty Hudson had far more people watching them than the other two bands put together. A very good value for money night overall and in spite of the grotty venue one of the best small gigs I've been to in ages.

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