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31/1/2013 Partly Faithful, Healthy Junkies & Terminal Gods @ Rattlesnake

SubjectPartly Faithful, Healthy Junkies & Terminal Gods @ Rattlesnake
DateCreated2/5/2013 2:48:00 PM

Back down to Islington yet again tonight. It's starting to get a bit too familiar - four out of the last five gigs I've been to have been in Islington.

I'm at Rattlesnake of Angel - a bar I don't really want to get any more familiar with as they don't stock anything I want to drink and they have stupid doors in the washrooms.

Tonight's bill starts with a dose of Goth/Glam from The Partly Faithful

If the drummer looks familiar it's because Belle can also be seen playing in Lilygun. Due to the early start time I only manage to catch the last song, but their darker sound seems to bear further investigation in the future.
Not wishing to spend any more time in this venue than neccessary I become 'The Beerhunter' and explore Upper Street in search of a suitable watering hole - with only limited success..

Healthy Junkies are on next and give a good account of themselves as usual.

This band are building up a following for their catchy brand of punky pop/rock with regular gigging. Getting out a playing a lot has also made them a much improved band over the last couple of years.

More new songs from their forthcoming second album are aired tonight - I'm looking forward to getting that as their debut album 'Sick Note' is a much better effort than most their London peers have managed over the last couple of years. With many of the other bands on the scene the penny hasn't dropped yet that you need good songs as well as just looking good, but Healthy Junkies are definitely a step ahead here.
After Healthy Junkies finish their set I'm off up and down the road in search of decent beverages again - with slightly more success this time...

I'm back in time to catch some of the set from headliners Terminal Gods - this is their E.P. launch gig. Maybe the venue is a bit to 'nice' and new for this Sisters Of Mercy sounding Gotherama?

I thought they were quite good when I saw them in Camden in November, but tonight I don't find them anything like as convincing for some reason - the fact that they don't have a drummer doesn't help. Oh - and the singer let's a smile escape - blowing their 'Goth' cred.

The songs aren't really doing it for me so I don't hang about until the end. I want a decent pint and I'm not going to find it here or any of the other 3 pubs I've visited this evening. There's only one thing for it - Weatherspoons.

Finally a suitable ale or two is found in The Glass Works before heading home - and NOT missing the last tube this time!
PS: This venue closed in 2013.

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