Monday, 15 September 2014

4/6/2013 Charlie and the Band of Demons @ Rattlesnake of Angel

This isn't one of my favourite venues, mainly due to it's bar selection/prices - but Rattlesnake of Angel has a good house PA. So no beer for me tonight, but free motorcycle parking (is there any other kind?) a few yards from the venue rocks! So why am I here on a Tuesday night? I'm here to check out a new band - but why this new band you ask? Because the band features the two guitarists from The Bookoo Movement - this is the first time they have been on stage together since the original band fragmented and went though various name and lineup changes. The Bookoo Movement? They toured supporting 3 Colours Red and had a great single called Beep Beep which got a lot of airplay - especially on Xfm back when it used to be good. Three quarters of the band are here tonight, although only two of them will be on stage. But forget about all that, because this is a completely new and very different band.
Guitarists Alex and Gaz are the guys who put this new band together, and they picked really good people who know their stuff. This is nothing like their old band, the punky attitude and riff-rock has been replaced by a more bluesy and soulful style. They haven't lost the knack of writing a good song though, and there are a few played here tonight - 'Take Me Or Leave Me (or usually both)' is a memorable one.
I don't know where they found the band's singer but she is pretty damn good. She strikes me as more of a jazz singer than blues or soul but she's quite a performer. The whole band play well - especially as I think this is only their second ever gig. This band is so new they don't even have a website yet, although apparently they are on Facebook and there is a video from the gig here.
Quite a good turnout for a Tuesday night considering it's still early days for this band - it will be interesting to watch where things are heading. Certainly worth going to see - but don't ask them to play 'Beep Beep'! ;-)


  1. Great review! And yes, their lead singer, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, West End Star & rock chick, is a HECK of a performer, can sing anything, and really feels every word she sings! This is an awesome band!

  2. This is certainly a band I'd like to see again.