Wednesday, 17 September 2014

8/2/2014 Healthy Junkies @ The Unicorn

Time to finally start writing up gigs from this year - if I can remember how to do all this on Blogger? My last 900+ posts have been just 'cut & paste' jobs without having to worry about including links and pictures....

So apparently I went to a gig at The Unicorn on the 8th of February - was that really the first gig I went to this year? I know the year got off to a slow start gig-wise, but did I really not go to anything in January? Did I not go to any gigs between Ginger's Birthday Bash on 17th December and 8th February? I can't find any photographic evidence on my hard drive so I assume nothing much happened gig-wise over the Christmas/New Year period - I don't include local pub stuff with cover bands. I did see a decent local cover band called The Fraudsters in the White Lion on New Year's Eve but no one want's to read about stuff like that so I'd better try and remember what other gigs I've been to this year. The problem is I'm writing this in September after spending most the rest of the year trying to get all my old MySpace blogs re-posted on here - over 900 of them - while also pursuing  my own musical activities, but that's another story - and not a very interesting one either.

So, back to The Unicorn on the 8th of February - I can't remember very much seven months later even with the pictures to prompt my memory - which is one of the reasons I started taking photos at gigs in the first place...

I think I missed the first band and caught Kamikaze Hotshot who were on next.
Even after looking at the pictures I still can't remember anything about them.

I think the next band was The Systematics - I can't remember much about them either. I think the guitarist wearing the scarf was pretty good though - he definitely had the right attitude for playing rock 'n' roll.
Oh dear - this isn't going very well is it?

 Headlining at their own monthly club night were Healthy Junkies.
This band continue to improve and now have two albums worth of original material to pick their setlists from. Their brand of catchy pop/punk/grunge is continuing to draw more people to their gigs.

The latest version of the band with the new rhythm section seems to gel well and with the band's second album now out things are looking up.

Healthy Junkies always turn in a good performance and are well worth catching - especially at their own  monthly club nights at this Camden pub venue - always free admission and with drinks at pub prices as well as two or three other bands you've nothing to lose really.

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