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28/5/2012 Maleficent + David Ryder-Prangley and The Witches @ The Purple Turtle

SubjectMaleficent & David Ryder-Prangley and The Witches @ The Purple Turtle
DateCreated6/12/2012 3:20:00 PM

I don't go to the Purple Turtle very often these days as they hardly ever put bands on that I want to see any more - a shame as it's still a venue I like, and I can get a bottle of Newcastle Brown for under four quid.

Only a fiver on the door tonight as well - bargain! 
And tonight at least, there is no bloody toilet attendant!

After an opening set from a nondescript and forgettable alt/indie band Maleficent take to the stage.

The begining of the band's set is quite theatrical.

The music of Maleficent covers bases from Goth, to industrial, and metal - and various places inbetween.

The evolution of Maleficent continues - now having far more of a 'band' vibe with pretty much all the music you hear being played live instead of relying partly on DAT or laptop for samples etc like in the band's earlier days - this is a great improvement and now you really feel you are getting a musical performance instead of a more purely theatrical one.

Maleficent are sexy and entertaining - and now they have some serious management behind them they could be heading for greater things - catch them now while you can still see them for a fiver at venues which don't rip you off at the bar.

Completing the bill tonight are David Ryder-Prangley & The Witches.

The glamtastic Rachel Stamp frontman has put a new band together with members of Die So Fluid and Lilygun/Killing Miranda. And they rock.

David has moved from bass to guitar for this band, and proves tonight that he can rip out a pretty good solo when he feels like it. The music isn't a million miles away from Rachel Stamp so if you like them then you'll probably find The Witches worth checking out too.

A great value for money night in Camden for only a fiver on the door - it's even managed to drag a few Decadence regulars out on a Monday night - and that takes some doing!

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