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28/4/2012 Ferocity Lights & Dead Identities @ The 12 Bar Club

SubjectFerocity Lights & Dead Identities @ The 12 Bar Club
DateCreated5/5/2012 1:05:00 PM

After failing to see either of the bands I wanted to see last night in Camden I fare rather better tonight. This surprised me somewhat as the venue is the 12 Bar Club - a place which has something of a reputation for putting bands very late indeed. However, of the five bands on tonight's bill the two I want to see are actually on first.

Ferocity Lights are due on at eight - and I'm pleased to say they take to the stage pretty much on time.

It's good to see this band back - playing only their second gig in over a year. Even at this early hour there are quite a few people in the club to see the band purvey their infectious brand of grunge tinged alt/pop/rock.

There is a new album on the way from the band and some songs from it get an airing tonight. If you want to hear the band's debut album 'Window Seat To Hell' they are giving it away for free here. If you like it then go and check the band out live at the Boston Arms Music Room on May 10th.

Ferocity Lights are for me the most fun band with the catchiest songs of the evening, but if you like your music more punky and in your face then you'll like what follows...

South London's Dead Identities have been away from the live scene for a while now, and like Ferocity Lights they also have a new album in the pipeline.

The band have changed drummers since I last saw them and the new guy looks like a refugee from a metal band, although he plays in a more rock 'n' roll style and seems to fit in well. This band have always been good live, and tonight is no exception. Their debut album 'Bad Cats And Heart Attacks' is a pop/punk assault of supercharged melodies played at breakneck speed, and this is just what you get when you see the band play live - only louder. And faster.

Beneath the furious pace of the songs there are actually some pretty good tunes buried in there.

The following three bands on the bill (Midway Still, The Dissociates, and Wonk Unit) are all fairly generic punk rock, but good enough at what they do. Wonk Unit have easilly the best T-shirts on sale though - the 'DINOSAURS ARE WANKERS' one being very popular! Amazingly, I get to see five bands tonight at the 12 Bar Club for only a fiver (with flyer) and still have time to get the last tube home soon after midnight. And a selection of quality bottled ales are available at the bar for under four quid - other venues take note.

This is a good example of a well organised club and how it should be done - what a shame I couldn't see even one band before having to get the last train in Camden last night...

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