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27/10/2012 Die Kur @ Nambucca

SubjectDie Kur @ Nambucca
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OK, so Halloween isn't for a few more days - but there are loads of Halloween themed events going on this Saturday.
This one is a 'Metal' night at Nambucca. 

There are about six bands on the bill, but only one I have actually heard of. It's a cold rainy night and the turnout isn't as big as expected. Where is everyone? it's Saturday night and the clocks are going back - it's the best night of the year to stay out late.

Die Kur are the band I've braved the weather on my Silver Machine to see.

This band's music is more 'Industrial' than the other bands on tonight's bill, but being the odd one out makes them stand out from the crowd.

The music is heavy, intense, and solid. There also is the odd keyboard flourish or intro to make things a bit more interesting.

Die Kur play well and the crowd seem to like them. It's quite a change from the band's last appearance at this venue in acoustic guise a couple of months ago - now that was an interesting night.

The next band is very generic extreme metal - made different only by the fact that the band are dressed as Ghostbusters.

No pictures I'm afraid because my camera batteries had had it by then.

It looked like the bands for the rest of the night would be much the same so I decided to head elsewhere...

Since the bar prices at Nambucca have rocketed to West End club levels I have decided that for me it's going to be a non-drinking venue - which influenced my decision to go via motorcycle instead of public transport - this not being the easiest venue to get to by train. Apart from saving a bit of money on my Oyster card, biking it to the gig also means I can get home in 20 minutes instead of nearly an hour. I was toying with the idea of going to another gig in Enfield as it still wasn't that late, but as my fingers were starting to freeze up by the time I was nearing home I decided against extending my journey eastwards and went straight home to warm up a bit. I didn't stay there long though, and was soon in my local were there was a cover band playing and fine ale at decent prices.

This was also a Halloween themed night - which just seems to mean any old fancy dress to some folk. Some people just don't seem to 'get it' at all.

Last year the guvnor of the pub was 'Mario' of Mario Bros for instance! He did much better this year as Beetlejuice though.
PS: This venue closed in early 2014.

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