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24/8/2012 Glam Rock Youth Club @ The Hope & Anchor

SubjectGlam Rock Youth Club @ The Hope & Anchor
DateCreated8/28/2012 4:20:00 PM

Friday night finds me heading down to the Hope & Anchor in Islington. Very reasonably priced pints, and only a fiver will get you in downstairs for Glam Rock Youth Club. First band is the Cöbrettii. 

This bunch are good fun and start their set with Zodiac Minwarp's 'Prime Mover', followed by out an entertaining set of 1980's Sunset Strip sleaze rock/metal covers - with a surprise thrown in of the Dogs D'Amour classic 'Last Bandit'.

The Glam Rock Youth Club house band takes to the stage next.

This lot play a set of covers from one decade earlier than the previous band - it's one 70's glam rock classic after another - T-Rex, Bowie, Slade, The Sweet, etc - they are all in there and more. A lot of fun!

The band members individual Glam cred isn't too shabby either: David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp), Nick Marsh (Flesh For Lulu/Urban Voodoo Machine), Shuff (AntiProduct and Decadence DJ) and Belle Star (Killing Miranda and now Lilygun as well as another Decadence DJ) and they are all totally into this style of music.

All in all a top value for money night with some excellent company.

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