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7/4/2012 Cars Like Sharks @ Nambucca

SubjectCars Like Sharks @ Nambucca
DateCreated4/9/2012 2:12:00 PM

What happened to the Camden rock 'n' roll scene?
I seem to be finding myself in Tufnell Park, Holloway, or Islington far more these days than 'cool' Camden. So here I am down Holloway Road for my second gig in around a week - in a venue that serves beers I actually want to drink!

I've got to say I find the area more welcoming than Camden's trendy and overpriced venues these days - the only problem being it's not as easy to get to since I moved and there tends to be a lot of walking involved. Still, I guess I have it easier than many gig goers so I can't complain too much.

The reason I find myself at Nambucca again tonight is to see Cars Like Sharks - a band so new they don't even have a website or MySpace page yet.

Some of these guys might look familiar to a few of you. That might be because this band features members of The RoolettesCavilry, and Finnish rockers Dirty Fingernails - all of whom have been regulars of the Camden and surrounding area circuit over the past few years.

Cars Like Sharks don't really sound like any of those bands mentioned above, but I guess they aren't a million miles from what you might expect if you mixed them together - it's all new songs from this new band.

It's still basically rock 'n' roll, and you can tell these guys have been around long enough to pay their dues in their previous outfits - they know what they are doing.

You want duelling guitars? Tick that box.

You want catchy songs and a singalong 'audience participation' bit? That's another box ticked.

You want a celebration of guitars and all things LOUD? You want a ROCK show? You want FUN? Yes, you can tick all those boxes too.
Considering this is only the band's second or third gig I think they are doing pretty well - especially as they are playing at Nambucca tonight to a lot more people than many bands who've been going quite a few years. It's probably fair to say that quite a few of the people in the room are here to see some of the other bands on the bill and have no idea who this lot are, but the interesting thing is that all these people seem to like Cars Like Sharks too - so the band must be getting something right.

Have you noticed how much better the pictures look compared to most the other ones I've taken at this venue over the past year or so? No, I haven't got a better camera - it's still the same cheapo £50 job. The venue's smoke machine wasn't being used. Simples.
PS: This venue closed down suddenly in early 2014.

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