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23/11/2012 Viva Le Pink @ The Black Heart

SubjectViva Le Pink @ The Black Heart
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Friday night finds me in Camden. As usual my first port of call is the Brewdog pub for two or three liveners before heading to the venue and it's less interesting beers - although to be fair the Black Heart is far superior to almost all other local venues in this respect as it stocks real ale and it's bar prices are reasonable.
In fact it's the best up and coming rock bar/ music venue for miles.

The music room upstairs doesn't have real ale on tap unfortunately, although it does have a bar and you can still bring your beer up from downstairs though. No - not like that.

The only snag is that like the Famous Cock in Islington the real ales on offer are rather low strength - making a sneaky trip the few yards back down the street to Brewdog rather tempting...

Anyway, I'm not here for the beer - that's just the icing on the cake.

The event that brings me here is the launch show for pop/punk pink princess Kiria's new band Viva Le Pink. Unfortunately I miss the support bands Knockville and Ruckus for mostly beer related reasons. However, the headliners turn in an excellent show.

Kiria has re-invented herself with a new more sophisticated image and sound - if you could ever call rockabilly sophisticated.

Missy Lepink now has a brand new band, and a bunch of new songs. She has also changed her vocal style somewhat - much for the better I think.

The new band are pretty good and have the 1950's rock 'n' roll vibe well nailed. Not only that but some of the new songs like 'Queen Of Jack' and 'Hell Kitty' are rather catchy too.

The venue is pretty full and the atmosphere is great - everybody is here to enjoy the music and have a good time. It's good to bump into loads of friends too - some I expected, some I didn't.

Kiria herself turned in a lively performance and looked to be having a great time. The show seemed to go pretty well and as far as I could tell, nothing much went wrong - which is more than can be said for most her earlier shows that I've seen...

A very good Friday night out - and it was only £4 to get in - a bargain for 3 bands!

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