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22/5/2012 Cars Like Sharks @ Surya

SubjectCars Like Sharks @ Surya
DateCreated5/27/2012 5:02:00 PM

This Tuesday night finds me back at Surya for the third time recently - now I'm at this newish venue to see a newish band. In fact, Cars Like Sharks are so new that they don't even have a website yet. Great value for money (as long as you avoid the bar) at only a fiver on the door to see three bands, and not a bad little venue - although the eco-powered toilets smell a bit funny.

In spite of their newness, this band make up of members of CavilryThe Roolettes and Dirty Fingernails have managed to write all new songs and play them in a different style to the members previous bands. Cars Like Sharks provide fast and in your face rock 'n' roll with a punky edge - without being punk, metal, or grunge - their music is fun.

No slow songs, no quiet songs, no ballads - this band rock like bastards.
Equally impressive is that they have managed to bring quite a respectable crowd to this as yet largely unknown venue on a 'school night'.

The riffs fly through the air like bullets - and they all seem to be landing on target - this band's aim is true. The energy level remains high throughout the band's set - ensuring an encore is demmanded (and supplied) at the end.

All too soon the band's set is over, and with me being really skint and the (overpriced) bar not stocking anything I actually want to drink I decide to leg-it for Kings Cross sharpish rather than having to wait half and hour for the next train, or face a longer walk if I catch the tube. I get home quite quickly and even though I only saw one band they were pretty good - it was well worth the trip out on a Tuesday night.

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