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13/10/2012 Guns 2 Roses & Four Wheel Drive @ Boston Arms Music Room

SubjectGuns 2 Roses & Four Wheel Drive @ Boston Arms Music Room
DateCreated10/15/2012 3:10:00 PM

Saturday night finds me heading down to Tufnell Park - in spite of the Northern part of the Northern Line being out of action this weekend.

After Wednesday night's low turnout in the rain to see three decent bands in Holloway Road I'm expecting a far larger attendance in a better venue on a dry Saturday night. Only about 30 people actually make it - must be something really good on TV tonight?

First band on the bill was due to be Roxville - who I only saw on Wednesday night. For some reason they apparently insisted on going on second tonight instead - meaning the show opens with 4 Wheel Drive. 4WD are actually a FAR better live act and a tough one to follow.

Imagine if you can, Airbourne mixed up with The Datsuns and AC/DC - not too difficult is it? Well if you like those bands you'll love this lot!

Nothing very original going on here, but Four Wheel Drive do what they do very well. The stage is too small for them and the guitarists make great use of their radio systems - one of them even turning up behind the bar mid-song for a bit of self service!

I've seen this lot play at Big Red and they played two sets - the first being an excellent classic hard rock classic covers set, followed later by a set of their own original material - which although good was a lot like the first set only you didn't recognise the songs.

As an entertaining live act this lot are really good!

Four Wheel Drive really do throw everything into giving you a great show.
Roxville are on next, but I'm not going to repeat myself as they play virtually the same set as on Wednesday night - so if you want to know what they were like just go and read my previous blog.

After tonight's opening band everything else is a bit of an anti-climax - even the headliners.

Guns 2 Roses are a decent enough band and play well - being a tribute band you know they are going to have a good setlist and they do, but there's not a huge amount of stage presence on show tonight - apart from the drummer whom the sharp eyed amongst you will recognise from many other bands.

The band perform the songs competantly enough, but at the end of the day it's not that much different from watching a band in your local pub playing Guns 'N' Roses songs - only this lot don't play anything else. Only two members of the band seem to have made any effort to look G'N'R - the bass player being particularly unconvincing as a Duff look-a-like, but I'm not complaining!

A good value for money Saturday night, and one of the cheapest bars you'll find at any London music venue - just a shame more people didn't make the effort - the bands and promoter are probably wondering why they bothered...

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